Frame ID help

need help with Identifying this frame

been repainted and had colnago stickers put on
fork has columbus stamp so frame might be columbus tubing too?
campagnolo fork and rear dropouts
27.0 seatpost
only thing stamped on bb is ‘58’ (frame is 55 x 58)
came with superbe bb, headset and seatpost
the guy i got it from brought it from new zealand when he moved here

and thats all i know
any help appreciated!

you get the vitus too? =)

the alan? sure did aha

hahaa good buyin son

bit big?

Holy shit how did you score that?! Dream size for me!!!

Will 99% surer be Columbus. 27mm seat tube.

Reynolds stuff is usually 27.2…

Plus the stamp on the steerer lol

its huge dude!

My pursuit is a 60cm st and see how much post I have hanging out?? Long legs, long arms, short torso!

ah shit, just noticed the 55x58…interesting.

Looks very similar (at points) to my unknown roadie. Same BB cut outs. As well as mine only has ‘59 58’ (frame dimensions) stamped on the BB shell. Lugs are slightly different but similar. Mine also has campag stamped dropouts. 27.2 seatpost though.

Sorry this isn’t really helpful, just some thoughts.

might be selling, not sure yet! i have 4 frames and probably only keeping one or two…