Frame Identification required.

Like the title says, I’m looking for an ID on my runabout. I’ve had this one for a couple years now, which was a hard rubish find - more like several, and am still non the wiser. Can’t tell you much about this bike other than it is light, so I’d say definately cro-mo tubing. Initially I’d picked this up when I first got into retro biking and upon seeing the supposed cinelli badge on the head tube, thought I was in for the big bucks! She’s no cinelli, but a good ride nontheless!

Frame is 56/56cm - perfect geometry for myself.
Campagnolo 1010 dropouts.
It’s a lugged frame, possibly late 70’s to mid 80’s.
Any ideas?

What does the BB say?

Even if it was an awesome/special frame, which I don’t think it is, restoring frames seems like a good idea at the time, but you are inevitably left with a frame that cost much more than it’s worth and the only way to keep it in mint restored condition is to leave it unbuilt and packed up in a box, which doesn’t make for a very good daily runabout.

For the amount of money you’ll have to spend to restore it, you’d be better off trawling ebay for something NOS or very good condition.

The yellow one is a GT.

I agree it probably isn’t worth restoring but if you like it, it fits and you have some tools/skill or want to learn it would worth a ‘refurbishment’.

i.e. new: cables, cluster & chain, bar tape, brake pads if needed. Headset service, hub service, BB service (or replace with sealed unit).

But check the if anything is completely stuffed 1st as depending what needs doing (i.e. new wheels/hubs) the costs can add up.

It might not be a cinelli but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth restoring. Maybe if I knew what in fact it was, I might be able to evalute properly, the pros and cons of restoring. It’s far from a pos and it ain’t no repco, that’s fo sho. I know the sticker isn’t genuine but it is reynold’s tubing and it does have campy dropouts, so it is far from a boat anchor, even bitd. Can’t make out what the BB stamp says, but it is soemthing like: OHUUO.

Yep, that is a GT. Very observant indeed! Shame I’m looking for an ID on the one in front of it.

I think it might in fact be a pommie bike. It is very similar to a both 70’s Gazelles and Raleighs, in geometry and lugg work. Anyone have more of a definitive guess?

The bike rides fine, I’ve already been over it a few times. So it doesn’t need a re-firb.

Without panto, stampings on the bb/ steerer, headtube badge or fancy lugs with distinctive cut-outs, the chances of finding out what a frame like this is range from slim to Fk all.
Ride, enjoy, repeat.

What Bender said.

Gazelle isn’t English and Raleigh’s have quite a specific serial number format.

Maybe its a OHUUO?

What makes a frame worth restoring?

ok, it’s your bike.

I was just going by the rusty cables, tired looking chain and lack of bar tape in the pics.

There are so many reasons to restore a frame beyond that of monetary value. Peservation of historical value/nationalism, sentimental worth, appreciation for good craftsmanship or just wanting something pretty to look at. Shit, I don’t know, use your imagination.

Here’s a couple of frames that look very similar in regards to luggs, fork crowns and geometry. Does anyone have an experience with these bikes or knowledge of them that might help identify this beast?

Your a fool, Three post’s in and i don’t like your attitude,
To be honest a paint job is $500 So go for it buddy shit even if it’s a good brand it will only be worth that.
You seem to know a lot all most every thing so why don’t you tell us what it is.

Don’t know what your problem is mate but you’re right! You are “out of fucking control”. If I knew what the bike was myself than the question and thread would be redundant, much like your post.

If anyone can help me put here I’d greatly appreciate it! Cheers fellas.

looks like a POS to me.

That’s great mate. Yet again, you’ve failed to grasp the concept of this thread.

You asked, answer was no.

you gave us reasons. Why bother asking? if any of your reasons are appropriate then go right ahead.

It’s an old 80’s roadie you found in the gutter.

Don’t bother spending coin on it because it will always be a kerbside frame.

If you want a project, do it. But I wouldn’t waste my money. Buy something nice and work on that.

But hey, your bike/cash.

Well yes, I did. But if I knew what exactly it was I’d know how I should restore it, which is really more important than if. If it did happen to be “worth” restoring it might be more beneficial/practical to do a restoration in its usal sense, getting appropriate parts/stickers and do it properly. Do I go factory or just go batshit crazy and paint it fluro orange and brown etc. Also just to put an end to the curiosity.

Even if you found out that it was ‘worth something’, then it would be worth more with the original paint, rather than a shitty orange powder coat or a $500 over the top paint job.

As someone else said, ride it, enjoy it. But it seems like you have your heart set on fixing it up, so just do it.

There are thousands and thousands of frames out there that have lost their identity. This is just another and you’ll never know who built it.

Take the emphasis off whether its logical to resotre the bike and back on the whole what the hell is this thing.

Could be a Gazelle, still doesn’t justify shit all. They are dime a dozen here in NL and have little or no historical or nationalist sentiment.

Does it need money to be spent on it? No.

Does it ride? Probably.

Putting money into anything as a restoration really is a frivolous matter, you are not preserving or conserving it, you are faking it. It’s like repainting a Van Gogh, it isn’t the same thing even if it looks exactly the same.

I know, I have a 1963 Frejus track that I repainted, not for any sense of self worth or monetary gain but because it looks good in its ‘percieved’ (ie, i could never be sure) colours. It cost a lot of money which I will never actually get back in any way.

Also - lose the attitude, this is a pretty close knit forum and whilst your comments may not be arrogant you are less than willing to accept some of the wiser judgements people are making.

IMO, ride it til the gears dont work, make it into an SS beater, get it covere din dirt, scratches and stickers and it will have more ‘sentimental worth’ than any other bicycle on the street.