frame size

hey guys did a bit of searching but couldn’t find anything.

i’m 6’1"-6’2", would a 56cm frame be too small for me?

would it be uncomfortable? would i get a sore back? etc…


I’d say yes to all.

At least 59cm for you.

IMO, discomfort tends to occur when the saddle is too high relative to the handle bars. You can always pull the seat post up on a small frame but often the stem doesn’t have much room to move. If the frame is borderline you could swap drops for risers. If the frame is really small, get these:


ps. Google search bike fitting/ bicycle frame size and you’ll only turn up about a zillion hits.


I’d say 58+

If you’ve got a fist full of post showing, and a stem between 90-120 AND you can comfortably ride for 2 hours, you’ve found the right size.

[b]no matter how pretty[ or cheap/b], the wrong size frame will be uncomfortable or look crap if you try and mod it to fit with a extreme seat post/stem setup.

many examples can be found on fgg.

Are you saying you don’t like my sissy bars? How dare you!

Yeah, 58cm+… I was probably being a little extremist there.

this is a pretty extensive online fit calculator:

alright sweet thanks guys!