Frame stripping weirdness and Gripsport.


So i took this frame to gripsport get clearcoated. It was 99 percent already raw steel, just a couple of small spots on the seat stay.

They gave it a chemical strip anyway. and apparently it did this vvv

They say they dont know whats going on and reckon they have never seen this before. i mentioned to them it looks like it it wasnt entirely submerged in the dip, as it looks like there is a depth line.they reckon it was totally submerged.
what do youse reckon?

So far they have been nice, Ive been very diplomatic about the whole thing. Im pretty pissed off. they have had the fucking thing 3 weeks now.



was it ever chrome plated? chrome stays or summat?



Never heard of a problem with Gripsport, they do great work.

That looks like it hasn’t been fully submerged to me, would be interested to see the rear dropout area where the line would follow through to.

Edit: Blakeys comment makes sense , the chrome would have had to have a pre treatment, so imagine flipping the frame 180 and just dipping the stays in a pre prep solution to do the chroming.



Was chromed maybe, but wasnt chrome by the time i got it. just steel.

If it was chromed. what now?



Ive heard good and bad things about Gripsport.
The good stuff i hear is really good. the bad stuff ive heard is quite bad. but i figured id give em a go. as i said, spoken to Jon a few times on the phone. Seems like a nice guy. I am obviously concerned though.

He mentioned that they were going to try and give it a rough polish to get rid of the stains, but said it may not work.

I kind of dont really mind as it will be a beater/commuter.



Can you give a wider zoomed out photo? I’m guessing not full submerged or chromed,
Is it a colnago?



only photo ive got, Jon at gripsport sent it to me. Yep Colnago. It looks like it wasnt fully submerged, they say it was.
Either somebody is bullshitting me, or its a complete mystery.



this is what my frame with chromed fork and stays looked like after sandblasting and gun blue/lanolin coating.
it could be chrome, but my chrome came out a solid matt silver, same surface texture as the bare metal.
maybe try sandblasting as well?



i don’t think grip does his own paint/powder?
doesn’t really help you but could be a few layers of (mis)communication going on



pics pre gripsport?



Nope pics are post gripsport. Pre gripsport was raw steel. hand sanded. no stains



yeah, was asking for a raw steel pre gripsport photo to compare.

look it’s weird, but devil’s advocate, what do GS have to gain by lying about a partial dip error? they’d be better off quickly redipping it and not dealing with the back and forth and customer dissatisfaction, less hassle for them I’d think. Plus the possibility of the clear not adhering to the seat cluster area if it wasn’t properly prepped.

It’s not a brazing heat mark, it doesn’t seem to be remnant chrome (need more photos and info and a quick GIS shows that most chromed colnagos would have been dipped from dropouts to brake/cs bridges), but mostly, it doesn’t look structural, and if you want a frame clear over raw (with the subsequent corrosion that will occur), then these sorts of things are the makers marks and whatnot that you are trying to show off aren’t they?

(If you want to prevent corrosion and hide imperfections, well that’s what primer and paint are for!)



Yeah, i dont think im blaming them, just wanna know how it happened.

The only reason im clearcoating and not painting is that i got the frame stupid cheap and i dont want to spend heaps of money on wet paint job. when it is just going to be a commuter.

i dont want to colour powdercoat on it either as it will lose some of the ‘passion’.

I figured a clear powdercoat will protect it. rust under the powdercoat is fine.

Mostly just curious



Powder coat is fine as long as it’s done well, I’d just go a simple white or red then infill cut outs with model paint and decal it,
Probably will cost $150 all up and make it last a lot better.



Jon used to send powdercoats to that Bell St mob.



Clearcoating over raw steel is a dumb idea anyway … won’t last, clearcoat is porous and the steel will dis-colour and keep corroding anyway … whilst the clearocat will haze & crack in time.

fwiw … I’ll bet my ass it’s residual from original chrome plating and rightly it’s not gripsports fault or problem.



Well they got rid of the staining.
I wouldnt call it a dumb idea. The frame came to me mostly stripped and Its something ive been interested in trying, clearcoating will slow down the process/protect the frame. Im under no illusions that it will stop the process. Its just something different. im kinda hoping i get rust webs.

As for laying blame/fault, i said a couple of times that im not blaming them. just wanna know how it happened crankypants.



They fixed it so i guess its a non issue. Sent me pics today.

Meh. Each to their own. when its rusts, it rusts. Something different.



3 years later, 100>km a week, clear coat still looks great. No yellowing. No rust.