From Adelaide to Sydney... (work and accommodation advice?)

Hey Sydneysiders.

I’m coming up to Sydney for a week long job I managed to get my hands on and decided to use this as an oppurtunity to make the much delayed move. When I get there I’ll be immediately looking for a new job and eventually a place to live for my older brother and I.

The main reason I’m posting another ‘moving to Sydney’ thread is to find a job. I have experience in a fair range of work, have been working on bikes for years, and I’m far from slow on the bike.

If anyone knows of any jobs offering a liveable pay then I’m more than keen to apply (if a bicycle related job comes up then I owe you a six pack). I catch on quickly so almost anything will do.

Looking forward to riding with you guys.

EDIT: I must add that in seven years of working six different jobs I’ve been offered every job I interviewed for and have never been fired so I’m obviously a sought after employee.


Stunt man?

Hand model?

Stay in Adelaide.

Your rent will be at the least 2-3 times more.

If a job as a courier is actually a viable option then I’d love some advice on where to go. I’ve always thought that taking up a messenger job would be right up my alley but wouldn’t it be just a little hard to get into what with the recent rise in fixed gear riders?

Plus don’t you guys tend to have a hazing process for the new fellas?

Fixed gear riders… Wrong city cuz… I think Lemontime ride his fixie… The rest round here… Not so much.

And most of the couriers ride gears too…

Don’t listen to shit advice about where to stay either… Newton, Glebe, redfern, surryhills, paddington and Bondi (if you want beach action), oh and fucking kenzo! are sweet places to live if you don’t own a car and work in central Sydney…
There are plenty of other suburbs in this fine city as other folk will point out… But remember these guys ALL either have started families or live at home with there MUMs :wink:

Most companies won’t let you ride a fixed gear. If you’re looking for an easy in go to Mail Call (Where I’m starting again this week). It’s a massive corporate thing so you get looked down on a little bit but if you stick around nobody really gives a shit. Most couriers ride SS (myself included).

Ah yeah, might want to do some research before spewing these gems!

Na… That wouldn’t be any fun…

Don’t listen to shit advice about where to stay either… Newton, Glebe, redfern, surryhills, paddington and BondiQUOTE]

WOW! You just listed the suburbs I’m aiming for plus more.

Right now I’m travelling to Sydney almost every month for my (long-term) career so it’s almost cheaper to live there instead of flying all the time. Any job I go for would need just a little bit of flexability so I think the courier work would, well… work.

If they’re still taking people then I could move up earlier and jump straight on the job, I’d move up early for any job.

I’m bringing an 80’s road bike and my ‘track’ bike with me so whatever their rules are on what you can ride I can make do. I probably would ride SS as a courier, too many hills in Sydney.

Hills are good!

I have taken on a few of those 100k hill rides for charity fixed with brakes and last weekend I bombed down Norton Summit brakeless (I didn’t realise until the bottom), by golly it’s fun!

Man. I seriously get the shits everytime you post.

Can’t say I’m a fan of yours either kiddo. Not the only either truth be known… Seems you’ve managed to rub a few people up the wrong way from round here and not just virtually… Good work

Amount of care equal to, or less than… 0.

Back on topic: Consider living slightly further out in the Inner West, Stanmore/Petersham/Enmore/Marrickville are all much more afordable, and have a good level of connectivity to the city by public transport and bike. I just moved out to Petersham and am enjoying it more than Redfern, Darlington, Newtown, Erskineville, Bondi, Kensington and all the places I have lived previously.

As noted above, keep in mind that Sydney is fucking expensive from a rent point of view. It WILL be a shock to your system.

^ In all honesty, I can’t comprehend how much money I would have if I lived in Adelaide (for example) and paid $80-100 dollars a week in rent. I work as a architectural technician, get paid a pittance, but still manage to live quite comfortably paying between $200-260 a week.

Having $160 a week extra would blow my mind.

I hope your place in petershim is a palace for that kinda money…
My newly renovated place in Bondi is only a bit more than that.