Front Basket nets

Hey all - just wondering if anyone knows of a basket net that has quite a tight grid for a Wald 1372 basket.
I bought a Topeak one that is a bit too big and the grid was quite ‘course’ if that makes sense. Things were bumping out all over the place on more of the rougher terrain I experienced over the weekend.

Commuter cycles sells this -

I’ve successfully used these on my basket in very rough stuff: Grunt 45cm 4 Strand Bungee Hook - 2 Pack - Bunnings Australia

You can make a pretty tight grid and they hold stuff super firm. Best thing is they’re very cheap so experimenting is affordable.

I have the VO bungee cord. Gets the job done - though I use it with a 50l crate. Not sure how it would go with a 137

Buy some bungee cord and get weavin’!

Would a waterproof backpack cover, like a HUMP, be helpful?

I have used these on my front rack and will continue to use them when I finally get to Commuter and pick up a basket.

I have spares too.

That looks exactly like the type Ezy already has and it’s not fine enough. A nalgene can slip through those holes :frowning:

Yeah, this is the one I have.

It’s massive so you need to actually ziptie one end on the outside lower edge of the basket but it’s a bit ‘tighter weave’ and thicker elastic. It has nice plastic hooks which have extra hooks on the back of them. Ultimately though I ended up just using a mini duffle bag I found that fit the basket perfectly then used the net for over-stuffing.

5.4cm holes on a 38cm square net for yours adktz vs 8cm holes on a 40cm square net for mine. So yours is a tighter weave that may do what Ezy wants.

It’s that or make his own, you can buy the materials in question from Spotlight or Lincraft IIRC.

At what point do you just say “fuck it” and get a bag?

But which one?

I’m out

or one of the million other basket bag options

I would like a bag to be honest. But with how much vibrations we were getting on those roads - I am unsure about the longevity of it. The Sea to Summit stuff sacks that were sitting in my rack all have holes in them now which has ruined the waterproofness of them. I am certain that it aided to a hole in my air mat too.

I spoke to MikDee about it - I will need to secure things in tighter when basket packing. Even BigAdz multitool rattled itself loose, my gas canister was treated to a metal tumbler experience with small metal shards in my cooking pot (where the canister was).

I wrap my gas canister in my buff to prevent vibrations. Fits real snug in my pot.


I did the same but with the blue cloth for washing dishes. Didn’t work.

Bag will be fine with rough tracks.

P.s. that wasn’t rough… there is worse to ride yet

I am keen - just need some bigger tyres

3"+ or don’t even BOTHER.