Full NOS Campy Pista Group Inch Pitch

Campagnolo Record Pista,Track groupset with NOS hubs,NEW,NIB Vintage | eBay

road headset.

otherwise very nice!

As gypo pointed out … strada headset + 28h hubs from later era “record” stamping (should be 110mm rear instead of later 120mm), no cogs, no seatpost (without limit line marking), later bottom bracket (earliest for the inch pitch was con sfere that used 3/16" bearings) = deal breakers

The full correct gruppo would be worth a lot of money ($2k+). Whilst this isn’t a bad offering to the layman’s eye, it’s certainly not the real McCoy. Appears to be looking for a lots of cash/no idea buyer (of which there are many).

Spirito where are the Limit marking usually made on the seat post?

My post has 2 cuts at the front o the post about 3 cm and then about 5cm down from the clamp…

I think there’s a thread about this already. It varies from make to make, but also with the frame, eg: an extended ST will need the post further in than a trad lugged frame.

Thanks Blakey

I was referring specifically to the Campagnolo seat post Spirito mentioned in the above post as it’s the same as the one in my Cinelli… But mine seems to have 2 crudly cut lines in the front of it…

The cranks are the real deal though, and they look fantastic!

You’ll see it clearly marked about 2 inches from the bottom. Functionally it makes no difference, and once inserted only you’ll know it’s a later style post but just being a pedant so people know what the earliest Campagnolo full track groupset consisted of. Later posts are otherwise exactly the same.

3 chainring bolts … none of them look original.

Inch pitch chainrings are not too hard to find, I’d get some copies made with a 144bcd pattern if I was really keen as it makes replicating such a look quite cheap ($80 road cranks shaved/polished, $80 aaprox. for chainring) and you can use the money saved to find the appropriate inch pitch chain.

Of course original is nice, but for a rider and without having fight with well heeled collectors I’d make my own.