Funny interaction with scammer

I finally bit and called out one of these guys passing off China carbon for genuine Zipp. I know it makes no difference in the end but just felt like it this time for some reason, here you go, enjoy…

NEW 2012 Zipp 808 Firecrest Carbon Tubular Wheelset Cycling 700C Wheels | eBay

[b]Dear martinevans112,
These are clearly a fake item. I have reported you to ebay. You are a scum bag mother fu#k*er :slight_smile:

  • rek_force_one[/b]

Dear rek_force_one,
I am sorry? these are 100 percent orginal. they are in my house I have sold over 50 lots. so mind your tone and attitude please.

  • martinevans112

[b]Dear martinevans112,
Bullshit, ZIPP wheels DON’T use novatec hubs! And they are NOT CX Ray spokes! AND the carbon weave is wrong! Your ripping off people who don’t know any better and you are an arsehole.

  • rek_force_one[/b]

Dear rek_force_one,
man your message has pissed me off. It is people liks you that make this world fucked. ebay has contacted me an the item stays for sale so eat dick you stupid broke ₪₪₪₪

  • martinevans112

[b]Dear martinevans112,
Good. Out of interest everything I ride is legit and I ain’t no broke ₪₪₪₪. It has occured to me that you may very well believe that these wheels are legit, why don’t you get on the zipp website or go to a high end bike store and have a look at an actual pair of Zipps (808 404 303 202 1080 WHATEVER!) and the difference will become very clear very quickly. Of course ebay didn’t take them down, they profit off this stuff! Don’t get wrong I used to own a pair of these novatec china carbon wheels, their good wheels nothing wrong with them, but passing them off as legit Zipps (especially when you have novatec hubs listed in the add) is just plain cheeky especially at the listed price. Fortunately for you there are plenty of uneducated, enthusiastic, loaded new cycling people out there so good luck to you, prick.

  • rek_force_one[/b]

“Has sold over 50 lots” has a buy sale count of 2? To be continued I’m sure :wink:

Interestingly on New Zealand’s version of eBay, Trademe, questions are automatically published on a listing rather than the seller electing to publish them. It does a pretty good job of exposing dodgy crap.

Can’t see eBay cracking down on counterfeit items anytime soon. As you say, they make too much money from these listings.

for god’s sake lokione go and have a snickers - or go for a ride !

who cares

Yeah maybe I was just hungry, I rarely get time to ride on the weekends :frowning:

And then this happened…

Dear rek_force_one,
mate I have taken your advice and taken them off I am not in the market ti rio people off amd you seem to know what you are talking about. Thanks for the heads up

  • martinevans112

[b]Dear martinevans112,
Wow, well I didn’t see that coming! Good on you mate, hope you weren’t ripped off to get them in the first place.

  • rek_force_one[/b]

Dear rek_force_one,
I appreciated the feedback mate. I have contacted the two people who purchased them they are still very happy with the wheels so we agreed on a half refund. sorry for being a dick

  • martinevans112

Hahah. So good.

Snickers You’re not you when you’re hungry TVC via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne - B&T - YouTube

Wow…That was very unexpected.
Faith in humanity restored???
For now…

wow … i thought you wasted your time and achieved nothing. Wrong !!

moral of the story?

being polite does wonders. be an arsehole only when you know they’re not just some ignorant fool…

Are you guys sure he wasn’t just paying you lip service? The original listing is still live you know.

Yeah, that dose seem to be the case :frowning: Oh well, I’m over it.

Just contact zipp and get them to do what they want - otherwise your new nickname might be judge dredd

I’ve got the hitler face on my avatar for a reason bro.

i had a snickers moment last week with dayne. felt like a ₪₪₪₪ afterwards.

hugs all round bro !!

so you identify with vegan artists

yeah, I’m a level 5 vegan, I don’t eat anything that casts a shadow :wink:

Laughed hard at this and read it out loud!

From: munga1337
To: martinevans112
Subject: Details about item: munga1337 sent a message about NEW 2012 Zipp 808 FireCrest Carbon Tubular Wheelset Cycling 700c Wheels #251286902670
Sent Date: 09-Jun-13 15:50:33 AEST

Dear martinevans112,

hi are these genuine zipps? the hubs are made by zipp?

  • munga1337

Dear munga1337,

as far as I know yes. I have sold plenty and have no complaints only happy customers :slight_smile:

  • martinevans112

what a fucking douche.

Box gap?