Ok, need some help.

Sold my bike with Schmidt SON 20R hub and Edulux lights. Need a replacement commuting light. Having not been in the battery pack light game since 2008 I’ve no idea ‘what is what’ currently.

Two lights have caught my eye, the FYXO 'King Bright and the Ay-Up Road. Similar lumens. Prices vastly different. Are the extra dollars for the Ay-Up worth it? Or pay less and get a similar product with the FYXO rig?

Riding at night in the rural south of Tasmania. Farmers 4WDs, suicidal Wildlife and dirt roads are what needs to be illuminated.


Ay-up is old tech, out of date and runs hot.

Fyxo 'King Bright is now up to Rev 5, apart from being a rebranded Chinese unit you can get at a cheaper price, not much else to say.

I use Gloworm X2 ver 1, the 1200 lumen unit - does a great job. They’ve since updated it to ver 2 with 1500 lumens, but I’ve read people having some issues with it.

I’m a dyno tragic but I’d say neither of those.

fyxos is an aliexpress meh light
ayups have been totally surpassed in recent years

The MTBers who do night riding and racing will be more useful here, but the Glowworm X2 is supposed to be quite good.

I would try to buy this, hard to beat for the money:

Excellent light, that shaped beam you’re used to, rechargeable but also takes 4xAAs.

And there’s also the Exposure Diablo.

maybe read through here and get some more opinions

No experience with Ay-Up, have heard great things though.
If you go the other option, jump on Aliexpress, search for Cree bicycle lights and grab the exact same thing without a fyxo sticker for 1/10th of the price…

I use Exposure lights for night MTBing they are very good quality, have good support and add-ons like batteries and tail lights.

If price is an issue, but a couple of lights off dealextreme, though in my and many friends experience the battery QC is pretty varied.

If its just for commuting I’d recommend a bar mounted light from lezyne, cygolite or moon, all USB charging and plenty of light. Cygolite at least offer replaceable batteries for longer rides.

Rad. Thanks lads. Good tips already. I’ll take a closer look at those Glowworms.

Loved my dynamo in winter, disliked the weight in summer when I didn’t need is so much. Had a few issues with the Edulux I light, first unit had water ingress via the cable. It fogged, lost lumens, then died. Schmidt replaced it straight away. The second Edulux I light did EXACTLY the same as the first, just in much shorter time. Schmidt again replaced, no questions asked. The third light was a revised Edulux I unit that addressed the water creep issue. Believe the new Edulux IIs are waaaay better.

Anyway, want a battery powered unit that can be swapped between bikes in winter and put in the cupboard over summer. The more light the unit throws out, the better. No street lights down this way. It’s a full blown rural area.

What Blakey said re the phillips, otherwise B&M Ixon IQ Premium as a shaped beam alternative.

Yeah, that or one of the other sweet german battery lights. Some other here:

Phillips light for 60 bucks now if you want it, its freakin bright.


I bought my Ayups early this year and have been happy with them. Good quality, several mounting setups, quick charge, great lighting in night MTB conditions. Can’t fault them.

I read above that it’s old tech (dunno) and runs hot (not my experience). I enjoyed buying and using a whole package with bike and helmet lights that make sense with differently shaped beans and work well. Autonomy was good for MTB winter sessions and early bunch rides in the Canberra winter. Though I Haven’t used them on multi-day rides when charging may be problematic.

Where? From you?

Hey Benny,

Okay I have the newer version Gloworm X2 and while I think it is a light with a good beamshape and a range of light levels which allow for good fast trail riding or good battery life. I do have some major gripes with them:

  1. the light has two light phases and if you switch it into the ‘wrong’ one its a PITA to adjust or get it back to the standard stepped phase. I think the two options are an unnecessary complexity.

  2. Durabilty/Reliability. I have had the light warrantied twice, and the charger unit once, in just over 12 months. And while Bruce from Gloworm has been very good to deal with – no questions asked – very prompt replacement, I nevertheless see this as a concern. Issues seem to be to do with the waterproofing of the switch unit.

  3. The lamp is only really suitable for a bar mounted lamp. This is mainly because the never version helmet mount is brittle plastic that is not up to the task. I have gone through 4 of these mounts in as many rides and have given up with it as a helmet mount.

Long story short. Good lights with some serious design flaws. Will not buy again.

Now, with regards to the above sentiments re AyUps, like Seb I beg to differ. I ride with a chap who has just bought a new AyUp system and its every bit as bright as my Gloworms, has excellent battery life and is a durable design. I don’t think they’re as antiquated as others make out, but I do concur that they do lack the heatsinks of other brands so heat will be more of an issue with them and this inevitably means that durablity and colourshift could be issue with them in the medium term.

Lol at people talking about Philips / B&M for trail riding.

FWIW if you’re ballin hard Exposure lights seem like the way to go. A friend of mine runs a dyno-powered Revo and its impressively bright. Thats the probably next lamp that I’ll look to get for the brevet bike. or a B&M Luxos U

Next winter I’ll get either a Joystick or a Gemini for my helmet lamp.

Great Intel on the Glowworm X2 Dice. Cheers mate. I’ve eyeballed a few X2 reviews, real mixed bag but the negative issues raised are always the same and they match your concerns.

The last battery system I had was the 1st gen Ay-Ups. No settings, either ‘on’ or ‘off’. Recall they got hot when recharging but don’t remember heat when in use? Was looking at them due to being an Australian company and easily returnable should they need repair or have issues.

I’ll look up the other systems mentioned after work tonight. …also worth mentioning that where I live there aren’t street lights so sytem required is more MTB than commuter style.

My Ay-Ups are 5ish years old and I don’t ride mtb at night as much anymore, but when I use them, they work well, so no complaints from me.

What ever you get, make sure you put it on flash mode and point it at head level when commuting

^^^Haha, mate everyone down here is already trying their best to mow me down. That’d just give them a reason!

Anyone used the expsoure road light? strada?

I’m with DICE re: Gloworm X2

Likewise (and I mentioned this in a seperate thread I think) my helmet mount has snapped (and is currently being held together with shoe glue)… and my battery stopped working. In the process of getting a replacement battery but really not impressed considering I’ve owned it for <8 months.

Yeah, these look good. Getting a Revo (I think) for TA :slight_smile:
Also considering the kLite Bikepacker pro. Might make a seperate thread for this when the time comes