Gaulzetti Cazzo

seems good value if your size.

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My twin bike.

i dont go on BNA ever, but is that dude a total knob or what?

Wow, how shit is that.
If a campy 11t rubs then i bet a 10 speed twelve probably would, so that sucks.

wouldn’t touch this one, but fuck gaulzettis are nice.

Asking $1650 for a mistake that’s not costing him anything in the end is being a bit rich.
Also, making claims about how the frame rides and blanket comparing them to everything is not only totally subjective, and hard to qualify but pretty lame imo.

I’m also with Dayne … I’d be curious to see the clearance with a 10speed cassette.



This bike is no one’s size.

Fuck I love you guys,

So the guy writes like a bit of a smart arse, but its a nice frame. Someone make them a lowball offer

Gaulzetti’s I’d rather have that are currently for sale:

$1750 frame/enve/king

$1350 frame

But I’d get a primus mootry or a spooky before a gaulzetti.

I dig the carpet !!


Seriously, 58/55, or is it 60/55, I can’t remember, either way, it’s undersquare as fuck, which is the polar opposite from what Craig blathers on about his zettis being race bikes and race bikes only.

And shit, the chain just rubs the seatstay? File a tiny bit of metal off the stay, put some touchup paint on it and call it good. That’s what everyone else does. I can’t believe he’s getting a freebie because of that tiny “defect”.

A pegoretti he ‘didn’t like’, a baum that had bottle cages ‘off axis’, a baum that apparently cracked, this shit never ends.

Wow, sounds like someone to avoid on many levels.

mate of yours, andrew?

Bike tart is not Blakey approved

I’ve never heard of Primus Mootry before.

Got a thing for cheesy fonts Blakey?

But don’t forget biketart is a precious unique flower, with t-rex proportions.

Primus mootry are killer, even if the font isn’t ok