GEAR X COLOSSI Summer 2012/13

We have been working on our summer range over the last few months. We will offer this summer these as completes and frameset. These frames/completes are great for anyone looking to get into fixed gears or change up what they are currently riding.

Frame : Alloy Track Frame ~ 6061 tubing (Candy clear blue & Raw clear colourways)

Fork : Carbon with alloy steerer (Matt black)

Sizes : 50 - 53 - 56 - 59 - 61

Frames will be available mid November, if you are interested in a frame or have any questions please shoot us an email: Pricing it TBA but we estimate these frames with carbon fork to be under $400.

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I dig the clean simple understated look - nice work dude!

Oh man that candy looks amazing…!

Yeah that blue is a banger.

love that gear barcode. same geo as the colossione/superb sprint/c’dale track right?

So these frames are on there way. We will have pricing for both frame sets and completes early next week, I will also link up availability. For more details just shoot me a PM or

Frame : $300 w/ Seat Collar

Fork: $350

Complete: $999 + Ship

For more information or to purchase, please email -

Looking nice

Yeah checked out the complete on Friday
Looking great guys