Gears and Beers - Wagga

I rode this last year and it seems to have gotten bigger this year with more breweries and entertainment on board. The road ride is pretty good with a few decent hills and they have introduced a new 130km ride this year called the Dirty 130. Info below.

Announcing The Dirty 130 partnered by Rapha. This is the Toyal Sector, one of four Dirt Sectors featured. Will you ride the gutter or brave the centre line?
Registrations are open at and are limited to 200 riders.
Riders will receive:

  1. Rapha Cap
  2. Rapha Musette
  3. Rapha Ride Number
  4. Rapha Sample Chamois Cream
  5. Illustrated Ride Map
  6. Top Tube Sector Sticker
  7. Free entry to the Gears and Beers Festival.
  8. Motorbike and Sag Wagon on course support.

This looks like fun. Maybe we could take a car or two if others are interested

That sounds pretty good. Buckleys of getting there this year though…

next year Jono, you on the N+1 and me on the Wolverine?

I looked at this a while ago, looks pretty damn good. I think the dirt course is actually doable on road bikes, but would be a lot more fun with big fat tyres.
Maybe we can do a double family weekend trip…

So this is on again this year and there’s a few brisbaneites looking to attend!

Yeah I’d probably have a go at this on the cell.

The CBR #klubkumo has been talking about this as well.

I signed up for this. Looks fun

I’m going.

Yeah pretty keen. Is there already an FOA group to sign up to, or is everyone just registering as an individual?

I’ll be going with work I think.

Tentatively interested. If there are car spots from Sydney I’m in.

I am also keen for this. I’m not sure I will be up for the 130km, but probably will drive from Canberra if anyone needs a lift :slight_smile:

Yeh most definitely going given my in-laws live there so my wife doesn’t really need an excuse to go.

I do kinda wish it was on Saturday though, so I could enjoy some brews before driving back. Still looks like a nice day out! I’ve never been to Wagga

Don’t get too excited.

I’m toying with the idea of riding there from Canberra. Anyone keen?

Via Wee Jasper and Tumut? One or two days?

I’m not sure yet, depends on a few things. I’ll try to plan something out.