Geelong Fixed Gear

I’m living in Geelong now. Is there anyone else riding Fixed here?

Looking forward to Geelong bike tag.

Still in Geelong?

Im a local, if you see a bronze hillman buzzing around

Still here, in Armstrong Creek. Riding a bit more road and gravel these days. Where in Geetroit are you two?

I’m in actual Geelong, near the CBD.

I found a spokecard on the footpath outside my house when I moved in, it was a bit like a blessing from the fixed gear illuminati. Probably belonged to one of you


Breakwater, usually shooting into town or up the river

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If y’all want to ride anytime let me know. Bellarine rail trail or something. Send me a message :call_me_hand:

Sounds good. I’ve been eyeing off the gravel rides around Torquay as well.

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I’m in Geelong nowadays.
Keen for some road rides, and gravel once my bikes ready.
Very very unfit and need motivation!


I’m on the other side of the peninsula, but keen for gravel rides in your neck of the woods. Can take the ferry and pretend im doing the ATB like an arch Hubbard toot toot


Great, sounds like I need to start getting in some kind of shape over the next few weeks, so I can keep up

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Great gravgrav riding around the back of angelsea in the heath


come show me sometime Mikee, we’ll exchange simspons quotes.

Who wants to set a date/plan a route? :upside_down_face:



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I am so smart. I am so smart. S M R T


I wanted a peanut!