Gefsco - 2nd cut

New Hatta R9400 bottom bracket
New Dura Ace 7600 crankset with used Sugino Zen chainring
Soma chromed steel 456 track bars
Nitto Pearl 9 - needs more polishing
MKS chain tugs
New Dura Ace rear hub, cog, lockring

Looking great, just change the rear to silver like the front and you have a winner!

rear rim? i think it is, just crazy reflection?

nice build too, since i’ve been riding at the track, i now dislike bars at that angle, but thats neither here nor there

Will take it for a spin round the Velo tomorrow night and see. Bars will probably get adjusted and seat too.
Not that fussed by the American Classic post but have other projects on the go so the Nitto is a few weeks off.

White saddle, white grips, white pedals. Everything else is silver - yes, crazy reflection. Another picture added.

Is nice. I like.