General bike tech tips- Do's and Dont's

Things I’ve learnt over the years when riding:
Please share your own (biased and possibly wrong!) tips and experiences here!

-SRAM chains are crap.

-Gatorskins ARE slippery in the wet

-Continental Race inner tubes just don’t work for me

-Alloy chainring bolts are FAIL

-Campagnolo skeleton brakes never felt as good as Dura Ace

-carbon seatposts are overrated and weak

-25c tyres are actually better in most cases than 23c

-Wipperman chain links are awesome

-Deep V’s are heavy, but they are reliable and strong

-Alloy freehub bodies are not durable enough

-Don’t skimp on quick release skewers!

-I’ve never completely mastered the Shimano front derailleur trim function… :expressionless:

-Shoe Goo does work repairing tyres!

-Chains don’t stretch, they wear out.

Learn to do things yourself and don’t buy cheap tools.

-SRAM chains are crap.

My experiences with their road chains have been very good.

-carbon seatposts are overrated and weak

Just plain stupid IMO. Carbon handlebars are also something I’ve never understood.

-25c tyres are actually better in most cases than 23c

Fatter is better (don’t tell my Mrs.)

-Don’t skimp on quick release skewers!

Agree again. Saving grams on skewers is for those with Health Insurance.

The rear campag brakes are only single pivot.

Buy once, buy Thomson.

  • Time Atacs over anything.

With good reason. Less power required, lighter brake.

[li]If Horatio uses a product, he will likely have a bad experience with it. [/li][li]Horatio is cursed.[/li][li]Something about a bare chest[/li][/ul]

Powerspline BB fucking suck.

Woah, woah…

There are a couple of positives in my list! :roll:

Regardless of the single-pivot rear, the front dual-pivot Campag was spongy as hell (2008 Chorus that is)

700C ≠ 27"

Buy quality, (not necessarily expensive) buy once = :smiley:

Titanium spokes are a pain in the arse!!

Steel is real but Al is pretty darn good aswell.

Quality helmets are a great investment, especially in summer.

Running a half link in your chain will make noise. Well at least for me.

Gears are still fun.

Ski poles and gas pipe make the best mallets, just add liquid nails.

Tri-Spokes make cool noises, cuka chuka chuka.

I think the spongy feeling brake would have more to do with the cable set up than an inherent flaw in the design of the brakes.

And the single pivot rear doesn’t really make sense to me…you are saving negligible amount of weight for a performance downgrade. Yes, the rear brake doesn’t need to be as powerful as the front but why not just put a double pivot in there anyway?

And this is coming from someone that exclusively rides Campagnolo on the road.

In my experience, brake performance problems (with good quality calipers) are almost always because of flawed cable installation/setup.

But I agree with Blakey in that you’re probably cursed, and it’s something to do with your bare chest.

Forget the Rando/Gator hype… Rubino Pro’s in 25 are the best all round tyre.

When you find something that works, stick with it regardless of what the current fad is, cos you’ll inevitably go back to it.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive parts available. The next rung down often gives you almost the same quality, but for a significantly lower price.

Shirtless ≠ shirt

Try out some Easton carbon track bars, they’ll change your perspective. Bloody amazing. I suppose the road bars offer similar performance.

I’m with you on the carbon seatposts (but haven’t tried an Easton post though).

Got Easton carbon bars on both my roadies - EC90 equipes (shallow drop, short reach, classic bend). The 26.0 on my Paconi, 31.8 on my Dean. 26.0 is good but a little flexy, the 31.8 are absolutely the mutt’s nuts.

some things i have learned

  • steel is real
  • crabon fibre explodes
  • you can sell average condition and not particularly interesting items for heaps of money if you have a mirror, a white sheet, some autosol and a slr/macro lens
  • we all need items with lateral stiffness and vertical compliance
  • 700c forks are rare
  • njs is the sickest shit known to man
  • fixed org forum is apples

+1 !

Too true.
Be very suspicious of lightweight parts and wheelsets.

I heard that too, i’m a rich man :smiley:

if you find a saddle you like, buy two. or three. or four.

  1. Pack a pair of latex disposable gloves in your back pocket along with spare tubes etc. Save’s getting oil and crap on your hands when you have to change a tire.

  2. make sure you keep your brake pads clean by picking out all the small bits of glass and stones that get embedded in there and stuff up your rims.

  3. Baby wipes (Wade’s tip) are excellent for cleaning down your frame, chain etc after a ride.

  4. Don’t overtighten campy seatpost bolts - they are soft as anything and expensive to replace.