General chit-chat.


The pub section of this place is pretty stale. We should just have a general discussion thread for people from Sydney since we all know each other pretty well, and it will let me know what you guys are up to when I’m at sea and can’t post. It doesn’t have to be riding related, but can organise rides/beer excursions etc.
Zak, it’s not for you to post what campy bits you’ve bought this week, or how light the coppi is despite having a full bottle :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise anything goes.

I got a fluid trainer today that someone left on the ship, and looking forward to using it when I get home in a week or so. I’ve also been racing at RAW and it’s been going great, I think I’m going to get the boot from div 4 soon and have to race div 3. This will suck because it’s a huge jump skill and experience-wise, and I’m not fit enough to hang with those guys in longer races.
I’ve been pretty tired/exhausted lately cos I’ve been eating pretty badly and staying up too late to watch the tour, but still getting up early to go riding. I flogged myself stupid riding Bondi/Bronte/Coogee/Maroubra this afternoon but I feel good now.
I’m actually looking forward to going to sea for a week to have a bit of a rest.

So yeah. Get talking.



I rode my track bike 2 days running, or about 5 blocks, whichever sounds further/tuffer…

Hoping to get out on the roadie late next week, while boys are in Kindy.

Anyone having a stall at the Deus swap meet? If so, any chance I could jump on…I have a few parts to get rid of.

In other news, Patsy is doing well and Nell is recovering slowly but nicely. Many thanks from Nell & I for all the congratulations from you boys, it means a lot.



There seem to be many people wanting a store at the swap meet, maybe we could have a stall for all of us? I’m sure I could find a few things to contribute, and hang out and man the stand. Great news about Patsy/Nell, glad to hear everything worked out well.

Before I forget, I’m sailing to Melbourne tomorrow morning - so if you’ve bought or need anything brought back from Melbourne and can arrange to have it dropped off I will gladly bring it back for you. Hopefully I come back with a red/team Cannondale ;).
We pull in Thursday afternoon, and leave Sunday around lunch time. We’re berthing the same place the Spirit of Tasmania pulls in.



geez rhys this is a pretty me me me topic…

and you don’t get up that early to go riding…

no new bits for me. having issues getting my new front brake pads dialed in as there is some mild shuddering under heavy braking that unsettles me a tiny bit…
aimed for 150kms on the roadie this week but managed 190 with the help of the saturday morning ride this week… i had to peg it home too avoid been late for work…

thanks for the ride boys…



I went to the velodrome in Adamstown for the first time in 12 years (i used to race three times a week as a junior up until i was 18) and i got my ass handed to me (i could only keep up with them for about 10 minutes of motor pacing) by some kids who are looking at getting into the national track team. It makes me realise how far from any semblance of race fitness (not just training fitness) i am.

However, i was rather impressed with how my Super Pista went. Stiff as all hell.

(yeah i know i’m just some random, but i figured i’d post here cause it’s general chit-chat)



Let me know when you’re doing this… I’m doing it 2-3 times a week at the moment.

Yep, and I’m happy to have you and Rhys jump in.



I’ll be out of the loop for the next week or so, as I’m moving on Fri/Sat coming. So I’ll be at Baulkham Hills permanently from then, just around the corner from Evan’s new place. I will have pretty much the entire under-house area for bike-related shenanigans, so if anyone needs a bike or two stored away from the prying eyes of the missus, let me know :slight_smile:

Following on from that, once we’ve worked out some nice rides we’ll have to arrange a northwestern suburbs ride for you city slickers

Also, won’t be making the swap meet, so may post up a list of stuff I’m after if anyone is willing to keep an eye open for me.



I called out to you as you rode past cooper park bellevue hill, I wondered if you had your ipod on or just ‘In the zone’?
Do they have Le tour on the ship of is it all war games?



Yep, put your list up.

Have you got an MTB? There are a few sneaky MTB trails around there which are pretty good IMO. Eeire as shit though if you happen to remember the film ‘Lantana’ - makes you ride fast though!!



yeh, there’s a couple of little trails at the end of my street that I used to ride occasionally when I lived out that way a while back. There’s some really great ones (from what i hear) just our near castle hill, and then there’s always the old northern road out past wisemen’s. Very keen to hit Wisemen’s again sometime.

I just need to work out what I need, parts-wise. Might end up being a very short list…



Some nor’ west rides would be sweet, with my daily commute 1hr 45mins door to door i dont get much chance to hang chat and ride which really annoys me. With only the limited time i have ridden with you all i findf myself missin stuff…like general chit chat…

Aslo how do i put a picture on my profile-thingy???



I did indeed have my iPod in. We can watch the tour but I have to fight meatheads to turn off the football so it’s a struggle.



Yeh, we definitely need to get some rides in out this way. A roll out to Windsor or something could be pretty good, I really haven’t ridden out this way that much. And yeh, the long commutes really take timeout of the hanging/chatting. Mine will be well over an hour as of next week.



You commute 3.5 hrs every weekday? From where to where? Hardcore.



Faulconbridge( mid-mountains) to annandale 6 days a week.
ride to station- catch train( thank god country trains have hangin racks) to central, then ride to annandale( usually through the newtown/stanmore back way) .
Have 1000sqm block, chickens, trampoline, garage, and 3 kids… needed space could afford it here.



Holy shit!!

Ooooh… nonplaused face

I grew up in Winmalee… Lower mountains is a nice enough area apart from the kids trying to be Penrif bogans.



Cheers Stef, will see you at deus around 10. give me a ring or PM if you need help setting up or anything. Catch yas satterdee.

Jonno, have a good move…see you soon.



Didn’t realise the swap meet was this weekend. I’m about to pull in in Melbourne. Does anyone know the street addy of shifterbikes? Couldn’t find it with defence innernets.



Above the knog store… 364 Chapel

11-6 Tuesday to Friday
10-5 Saturday
After hours by appointment - 0439 599 869



Bugger - I’m away this weekend too. Heading up the Hunter Valley.

Can’t think of anything I really need from the swapmeet anyway. I would probably just buy something stupid like a broken concor again…