Geoff Scott

First a bit of background. I have had this frame for a while after a friend rescued it from a clean-up. ‘That’s about the right size for my girlfriend’ I thought, ‘might make a good fixie’. Fixed wasn’t quite it, nor was single speed, not with the hills and the toe overlap. So with a lick rust converter, a quick touch up, and a few old parts it was good to go.

Lo rode it for a while, liked it but hated the paint. I didn’t mind the rough aesthetics and despite my assurances that it really was the best frame in the garage, she wanted something flash.

So off to Star Enamellers. I thought about painting it myself, but I would have spent half as much to get a rubbish job. Getting it painted professionally was the best decision, it came out so well.

Curiously, I found out a bit more about the frame. When sanding back a bit of the paint on the seat stay caps I found ‘MICHELL’ pantographed there and on the fork crown. Turns out this name was used on some frames sold at Ashfield Cycles. Why it was bogged over we don’t know for sure, but I got the pantographing picked out in white and I have a bit of a story with the frame.

As soon as we picked it up, I knew that the budget was about to blow out.

I wanted to do justice to the frame and reference the period that it was built aesthetically.
It had to be functional with compact gearing and a modern groupset.
It had to be done on a modest budget.

After spending way too much time on Cycle Exif, Fyxo, and here it was done.

A few details:

Sram Apex group.
Nitto cockpit
8-speed Shimano 600 hubs laced to low profile polished h plus son rims. This was the last bit to get sorted, but it was worth it in the end.
Gatorskins and spd’s because it is a bike to be ridden.
Favourite detail is the elk hide chainstay protector from VO.
biggest compromise is having to use an exceptionally ugly braze-on adapter.

A few more photos: Gefsco - a set on Flickr

And the plot thickens here:

…and thats how you rebuild a bike ladies and gentlemen.

Killer build! The paint is amazing, looks so glossy and wet.

That looks rad Carlin. Really, really nice.

amazing work.

must be a dream to ride

Wow, fantastic.

Just fill me in – did Geoff Scott build frames at Ashfield Cycles? Have you found any other Michell frames that you could replicate some decals? (Not that it needs them, that red goes BAM!)

The stem seems to be really high. Is that yet to be adjusted or just the preferred position by your missus?

The head tube detail came out brilliant. Well done! Parlee Carbon Front Der Braze on adaptor 28.6mm: Sports & Outdoors

nice work. cockpit looks sweet. nice detail on the tape finishing.

Well done, fantastic reincarnation.

nice.clean build.well done sir

Awesome bike, Love the colour:)
he still works at a bike shop according to this

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very nicely done sir!! get a couple of frame protector dots under those gear cables or they’ll wear through your lovely paint work pretty quickly
orings on the cables is a cleaner setup but you have to take the cables off and thats a hassle

He built a few frames for Ashfield Cycles. This frame was stickered up with Gefsco decals when I got it. Maybe he ended up selling it himself? I had a bit of a scare when the possibility that it had been stolen was brought up, but a quick call to the shop sorted that out.

I don’t know that much about the specific details.

I have some ‘Michell’ decals but they are yellow, I’d like some Geoff Scott ones eventually.

Yes, the stem is high for comfort :slight_smile:

So nice Carlin. That has come up an absolute treat.

Class. The Apex stuff looks good. I just wish SRAM would make a silver groupset.

Keep an eye out for the older model group that’s silver ano finish.

2008 SRAM Rival

With what I’ve got coming and planned, a second hand groupset aint gonna cut it unless its in really good condition.

If you want a silver group, ultegra can be had for around $700-750. Got mine from Shipping took forever, but the price was tops.

Wow, wonderful build, and on a reasonable budget too.

Nicely done mate.

Looks excellent!
This might be a noob question, but did the sram stuff mate to the shimano 8-speed hubs easily, or did you need some kind of adaptor?