Gettin my hipster fix!!!

So I have gotten to Melbourne just a bit ago from Perth.
Trawling this forum for a long time but never really posted anything.
I think seeing as everyone else has had their turn I wouldn’t mind getting my hipster on for while.

I know that i should probably put this somewhere else but I thought since I am in Melbourne I should post here.

I need a rear potato…that’s right. I would like to see just how terrible they are for myself cause I don’t mind the look of 'em prepares self for flaming

Also I am really wanting to make it out to the Wednesday night fix at some point but im being super lazy at the moment.
let me know what you guys think. Open to criticism, constructive or otherwise, cause everyone has an opinion and I actually want to hear from some people in the know. Which seems to be you guys!!

Also if anyone is on swan street and feels like booking some flights, come in to student flights and come see me =D


Welcome to Melbourne.
Come on the Wednesday ride.
Don’t buy a potato.
Have fun riding!

First rule of being a hipster is always deny being a hipster.

that’s something a hipster would say!! GET HIM!!!

Thanks for the move mods. Wasn’t really sure where to put it.
HMC- yea I really should, I think me and my lady friend might have to come down next week.
P!N20- so that’s where I was going wrong =/

Sounds like a root vegetable destined to be inserted as a suppository…

lol :d

Seems from the feedback about them, its the only place they should go… O.O

Aerospokes are cool, but no one is willing to admit it, lest they destroy their own credibility

best make it the sweet potato variety then

Pfft aerospokes rule, 7 days till I have another one.