Getting Fined

has anyone on here ever got a fine for running a red light. what is the average amount that is paid.
i got fined the other day and it seems like a lot.

I think my friend got fined $240 for running a red.
Fines are about the same costs as car fines, in theory you’re doing the same shite wrong so you pay the same.

$227 from memory, in 2002 I think. Might have gone up since then.

dont run the red and you dont have to worry but then i guess your not a :evil:

Got one last year for $80. Such a bullshit fine too. Rolled onto the footpath at a red and got done for it.

That’s in Hobart though.

It’s the same as for a car.

Does nobody any favours when you do it, just makes motrists hate us even more.


Last week (on Cleveland St in Skidney) I witnessed a roadie verbally abuse a motorist for doing something I didn’t see, and then watched as he then rode through a red across the SE Distributor. Douche. If you want motorists to respect you on the roads, you need to respect the road rules.

I love living in the country, we only have one set of traffic lights and they are at a cross walk.

ran a red, no brakes, on the footpath and no bell…
red was going to be $227, no idea about the rest… but the cop let me off with a no bell fine
he saw me the next day on the same bike asked me if i’d bought a bell yet (i had’nt) told him i’d buy one that day and he just waved me off with a “good on ya maaaaaaaaaaaayyyt” kinda lucky.

Did you buy a bell?

how can you run a red if you’re on the footpath???

Two reds in 2 Minutes
$200 Total.
Got pulled up by cop on Dirtbike in CBD.
About three months ago.
Funny thing is got pulled up again, just warned. But threatened me saying that running a red is $200 each, And its been like that for ages. Which got me confused. Anywho from my experience is $100 a pop in Brisbane.

Yup, $100 here in Brisbane. Found that out a few weeks back. Bastard.

I think we’ve all met this guy!

i got hit up with a $227 fine for the red.
biggest fail of a fine also. didnt even cross lanes. just turned left while in the left lane.

Out of curiosity… Why do you run reds?

From what I have heard from the bike messengers is that every second counts when they are working :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:
For me I’m just a badass and don’t really like stopping at lights for 20sec you loose all your momentum

  1. I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.

  2. Wannabe hipsters with no brakes who can’t stop. “Don’t wanna lose my momentum man, it’s like karma: once it’s gone you’re fucked.”

  3. Can’t track stand and can’t be seen not track standing and too busy combing moustache to practice (again, hipster issue).

  4. Hipsters who have too much spare change from mum and dad’s allowance and think it’s cool to pay for $200 fines. “yeah man, like, I got another fine today. I like your t-shirt, I think I might be APPLES, wanna find out?”.

  5. Running reds is the new running aerospoke (get with the times d00d).

same diff apparently as you are still ‘breaking the line on the red’. it used to be legal in NSW, but apparently has been illegal in Vic for quite some time.

i got harshly warned when i first got back from OS for doing so, but i showed my NSW drivers licence and feigned ignorance, cop made some disparaging remarks about NSW drivers.

cop was explicit about it being the same price as a car fine and that what i was doing was definitely illegal. i was polite and apologetic, that helps.

“Run the Red, Run the Risk”

The only time I go through a red is at 5pm. When I stop at lights they don’t register my bike and I can sit there for a long time waiting for a car to come a trigger them. Once the traffic starts to pickup it’s OK.