Giant TCR

Any opinions about this one? Fell in love a bit and would have never guessed I’d fall for a Giant.

not bad value with carbon wheels, but that’s what giant is, good value, I had a TCR with 105 and had zero complaints save the wheels, they were shit, upgrade the chain to ultegra asap and you’ll be cheering, ps never pay full retail for a giant…

More like it

So there’s room to talk about in terms of pricing even though these are fresh 2016 models?

Bang for buck thats what I am after but, don’t have the budget to buy something with a bit more soul and don’t want to wait for it either. So its either a Giant or a Specialised and the Giant Road bikes seem to have better value than the other giants :wink:

Hard to beat at that price, though I do recall a few years back they came with ui2 for the same price?
It seems like people’s only beef with giant is that everyone has one. Which is an illegitimate reason to dislike a good setup.

You’ll get a better deal on a 2015 model which there should still be some on shelves. The only difference usually is just a paint job and half the time you can get last years model with better components for the same price ie: 2015 w/ ultegra vs 2016 w/ 105.

Specialized and value aren’t often associated together…this coming from someone who owns one. They’re great bikes but Giant represent the best bang for buck as Scott mentioned.

Unless it’s an ugly pinarello

That model would have to be the best value $3999 bike on the market. I’ve got the blacked out Dura-Ace one currently on the way. Those SLR wheels are absolutely fantastic for the price point.

Thanks guys, the only thing left to decide will be the frame size now.

VERY proud owner of a plastic bike since this morning. Just came back from its first ride up to West Head. 60k’s of pure pleasure. I honestly would have never thought how much fun this is. This rides like my track bike with gears. I am hooked, I am so bloody hooked.

Whats wrong with the KMC chain? And I AM cheering, I so AM!!!

^kmc chains are loud, don’t shift very well and run rough.

an ultegra chain would be the best $40 you could spend on that thing

Thanks mate. I’ve actually experienced exactly that today, the bike is dead silent but the chain runs louder than I am used to. Will upgrade soon.

so what did you end up with? extra bits? further discounts? seems a lot of good buyin out there at the moment

Good for you. Sounds like you did alright in the end.

Giants are very underrated. What’s with their new logo though- bit weird.

Awesome bang for buck, although the latest paint schemes aren’t the greatest…

I do like the colors of mine.

Im hoping to get one of these early next year:

Would ride