GIRO Air Attack

Is it a coincidence that I’ve finally broke the 30k avg on my regular loops for this year whilst using the Giro Air Attack? The lack of winds may have had some impact, possibly maybe, who knows =P

So this is in my initial review from this mornings regular 75k loop.

Temps were a very nice 18-19 deg when i rolled from 5.30 - 8am

First thoughts is fit is very nice, GIROs rocloc system is very secure, incremental movements are solid including its rear cradle adjust-ability. Im a bit meh about its straps though, feels a little cheap and dosnt feel like it fits flat against you ie feels like its always twisted. Again, minor thing as you dont notice when riding

Vision through the visor is interesting, initially you get that very goggly feel, not sure how to better explain it! You do get use to it after a while. First thing i notice is the distance between the face to the visor is a bit of a double edge sword, great for ventilation, but once hitting the high 30s and early 40s you do feel the wind and it feels like your eyes are drying out. Of course it also means it never fogs up when your at the lights, and if you sweat it just simply goes down your face. Visually, you do see the small rubber nose piece, and you can barely make out the edges of the bottom left and right of the visor, and i mean barely. Is it enough to bug you? thats personal, i wouldnt say it bugged me, you might be different.

The visor itself is very handy, earth magnets are secure and transitioning from up to down is pretty easy once you get the hang of it like all things. To be honest it was probably the main selling point for me, ie helmet with visor, no need for sunglasses

Ventilation, it is what it is. It kind of feels like wearing a normal road helmet but with a cap on all the time. If you have the head level, you dont feel much, if anything. You really need to be tilting at about the 45deg angle so the air gets shoved into the two main vents at the front, and you do feel that rush over your head and it being sucked out the back. Funky feeling actually. I can see it being a great autumn/winter and even wet weather helmet, but climbing hills over 30deg days is probably not its forte (will probably try this in the coming weeks as it gets cooler)

Weight, noticeably solid, but once on its fine.

Recommendation, at $200 from CRC currently (warehouse sale), is probably the max id want to be paying considering their brand new RRP of $350 (current 2015 models) Id recommend for track use, long flat courses, cool/wet weather, dont like wearing caps or sunnies, but probably not for someone who is constantly in the hills. I just dont think its suited for that.

edit So commuted in it this morning, weather was a cool 11deg. Actually quite convenient not having to worry about sunnies or a cap, two less things to worry about.


Visor is cool, handy and easy to use
good for cooler weather, ventilation is more than adequate
no fogging from good ventilation of visor, and good vision with no sunglass frame in the way

eyes feel like they dry out when you get up to speed
not for hot weather climbs
straps a bit meh
vision of visor edge and nose piece may annoy you

And some snaps, please excuse dirty camera phone

view from the inside, sort of

The lid, probably better pics on the net if you really need em

Pads and straps

I think your just fitter/stronger.

Wear a skate lid and compare.

haha yeh, im quite sure the helmet made fuck all difference, hence the tongue in cheek =D

Other positives - makes you look like a dead ringer for Robocop.

Speaking as a life-long 4-eyed freak, I need to wear glasses ALL-THE-TIME and my astigmatism is too severe for contact lenses. So the idea of the visor fitted to the helmet appeals to me. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about getting lens inserts for my riding glasses or paying a squillion dollars to get a pair of Rudy Project made to my prescription. I wouldn’t have to carry around a case to swap my riding sunnies with my regular glasses either. So I’m seriously considering this thing.

Ummm, could you please try them with a pair of regular specs underneath just to make sure that there is no interference?

EDIT: the CRC site says that the integrated shield is not included in that $202 special. (Reading through all the Q&As confirms this) Where did you get yours?

BTW, does it have the Aus Standards sticker? This thread at BNA says that they don’t. Also one of the answers on the CRC site says that it’s British and Euro approval only.

EDIT of the EDIT: I found them at a Nowra bike shop on BikeExchange for $278 with the eye shield, presumably they have an Aus standards sticker.

bob, ill have a crack at taking a pic with some regular specs underneath tonight for ya.

i got mine from crc, paid $205 and came with the visor, this was the 2014 warehouse sale model as below

No aussie approve sticker, i dont race so wont bother me

should that be the other way around??

“i don’t ride on the street, so not having an AS sticker doesn’t worry me”

I race in one of these. Never had a problem. No sticker either, but I think they have them now?

yeh, now aus approved.

Problem is if you get hit by a car it can become an issue no one really gives two shits at racing

Have you seen a real example of that dayne? i keep reading that but have yet to see someone give a real example

The $200 ones from CRC are old stock without the sticker, the 2015 should have a sticker. If it’s sold in a bike shop in Australia then it must have a sticker.

BikeBug have them

I looked around a bit today and Fitzroy cycles sell a very similar Kask with a visor, but they did not have any in stock. I think it’s a version of the Kask Inifinity.

Not really probably like you just heard stories,
Just find an old helmet and peel the sticker off big deal plus if the helmet is an approved model who could prove it has not peeled off on its own?
A helmet does not need a standards sticker to be sold but it does to be worn on roads and in events that it is called for.
Plenty of shops sell helmets with no sticker “eg” POC Tt helmet, skate helmets and a lot of Bmx helmets/Mtb helmets.

Ok then, I just assumed that they would. Like Samuel L Jackson says, when you make an assumption you make an ass out of you and umption.


Then there’s the Bell Star Pro, claims to be aero, designed in a wind tunnel etc., comes with a clip in visor. Looks pretty good value for $214 at Pushys

Ipswich club commissar at Nundah Crits while making his pre race his safety speech mentioned “it is the riders responsibility to ensure they have a AU approved sticker on their helmet” and made particular note to the Giro not being approved (at that time).

Just sayn’. Doesn’t seem to bother anyone at track though.

I’m no expert but I would have assumed it would be the organising body of the days responsibility… It’s not the drivers responsibility to make sure their car is cool before driving onto Willowbank, you gotta go through tek.

I love this lid and if I could have got one with the sticker a few months back I would have for sure.

^ I’d rock one for sure. Lokione and I have discussed at length rocking the yellow version of this, with some sort of iridium lens on our orange #sjerks tarmacs for maximum fuckwit cred.

oh, and be careful when ordering just in case its not obvious.

Theres a shield and non-shield version, you cant add the shield later if you buy the non-shield version.

its missing the magnetic docking points.

I like to wipe my brow a fair bit when I’m riding. I reckon not being able to do so would piss me off.

was also one of my concerns, that and i couldnt wear a cap which absorbs most of my sweat

however i found the sweat would just roll down my face and off my chin instead of getting stuck around my sunnies

but yeh, if you try wipe your brow, you will most likely end up accidentally dislodging the visor

I’m all about…