Giro Empire - Sizing

Anyone riding the Giro Empire and can comment on its sizing? I ride the Privateer in 42, Shimano RP5s in 43 and would go for the Empire in 42 as well if no one has a different opinion.

I had empires for a bit, I can say their sizing chart is spot on.

I had a 42.5 which is good for me, and I’ve got some privateers in a 43 but with some custom insoles to make up that extra half size.

So I’d say sticking to 42 you should be ok


Have Empires in 45.5, and S-works in 45. Specialized are reputed to run large, which works out true in my case.

I have Shimano r171, Giro empires and Rapha climbers all in 43.
All fit the same. Shimano are the best all round feel for me.

Sidi 44 Empire SLX 44 diadora 43.5

Funny that you dig out that thread again. I do have Empires now, size 42, and they fit perfectly. Just be aware that they don’t look like new for long, the outer material is pretty sensitive (and I look very well after my stuff). Otherwise they are great shoes.