Global Gutz (Sat 20th June)

Ok boys and girls!!!

For those of you that havn’t raced in GG before, the details can be found here.

For those of you to fat or lazy to click a link and read, Global Gutz is a world courier race (everyone races at the same time* in their own cities). Each cities course has 5 checkpoints (not including start and stop) and must be 21km in length. All times get posted to a global forum, the overall winner (both male and female) will win free tickets the World Cycle Messenger Champs in Tokyo, later this year!!!

The east coast (yes, that’s us…) will be racing at 10pm on Saturday the 20th on June (that’s one week after XbrendanX’s other alleycat…).

The Melburn GG will start at the corner of Albert Road and Clarendon Street, in South Melburn at 10pm sharp, so get their by at least 9.30pm. We will be meeting before hand at a pub in South Melburn (Bev and Mick’s, corner of Cecil and York street) at about 8.30pm and riding to the start, if you felt like a quiet cider, or somewhere to lay out your rollers (XbrendanX and Heatseeker) to get warmed up…

$5 Bucks entry to pay for spoke cards, a slab of beer, and one bottle of ginger beer … :slight_smile:

The course we’ve come up with is epically spastically mentally fast, so gears are welcome. That means all you Melbourne Roobaixiaxiax luvers should have a good crack at putting in the best time. You wont need to carry a map or manifest, your mad directional skills will get you through!


Corz and Spudz

love you corz.


i made the course

Love us both at once!

Ok I failed at finding anything remotely resembling a gay-threesome lol-cat…

i think i just jizzed in my pants…

i know i did, and more!

Ok I failed at finding anything remotely resembling a gay-threesome lol-cat…

Seriously though, this ride will be rad, last time not many people came (because it has to start at 10pm) but the more the merrier! And heatseeker and xbrendanx can ‘do their thing’.

And ride with lycra in a peleton, homo style… Ow wait, I did see riding home to richmond fully decked out Heatseeker, love it! LOL-To-DEATH at the cats, your officially the king of cat porn threesoms… :slight_smile:

Naked flier added…

is the pipe Magritte or “Bob”?

haha, that cat shit is fucked up!


Sounds interesting can anyone race?if so ill be keen

Of course!!! (Its not messenger only…)

Everyone is encouraged, remember its less of a hard arse city style alleycat, and more about raw speed, and if you win on a brakeless track bike I will give you a special prize…


Flyer update…


rumour has it (and i’m the one spreading this rumour, so i should know) that ollie phillips, brunswick cycling club track champ and co-winner of both rapido madisons, will be coming down and riding. on his BT.

i’m going to ride my road bike and try to smash him.

this is going to be brutal.
hopefully the course is straight as an arrow.
GI doesn’t matter as much as you would think, Dan S kicked my ass and he must have had 20inches less then me.
such a great race though, my favourite. dead quiet roads through industrial estates, pitch black, chain humming, crouched as aero as possible, trying to slowly reel in the guy 100 metres in front of you, and it seems to go forever.