Go the Wanderers !!!!

The final of the A-League actually means something for me this time and boy would I love a momentous and historic finale with the Wanderers winning in their debut season. It means a lot to their fans … never imagined such passion here in Oz like they have, never dreamed such enthusiastic support was possible. Phenomenon is a word that comes to mind.

I thought you meant these Wanderers.

My wife’s cousin and all his mates are big time Wanderers fans, have been to all the games etc. There’s some pretty huge levels of support out my way: riding home last Friday there were streams of red and black pouring into Parramatta for the game. They’ve been getting bigger crowds than the Eels, and probably more than most other league games. Not bad for their first season.

Not that I give a rats really. It’s just nice to have something other than rugby league happening in the west. Fuck rugby league and it’s moronic date-rape culture.

True, crowds of 20 … 25,000 for Sydney is incredible. I saw the Sydney FC vs. Wanderers game at the football Stadium and even though it was Sydney FC’s home game the Wanderer’s fans outnumbered the Sydney FC fans by 3 to 1.

My uncles/cousins/relo’s are all going nuts in anticipation for Sunday. Of course I support Sydney FC just to give them something to wind me up. I kinda enjoy giving them the opportunity and think it’s about time the have something to crow about.

true story: I sold Del Piero a Giant Holly 12" !!! Like the one below but with streamers.

I never quite understood why soccer fans wreck stadiums and let off flares, can someone explain it to me?

Spizza - This story I worked on went to air last night, it’s up your alley:

Wanderers score out west - 18/04/2013

Cos they’re fucking idiots?

because Bosnian War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Haha … I’m Bosnian :slight_smile:

hectic story bro, thanks for sharing !!

Cycling isn’t free of it either. The flares I mean.

Such a good movie.

most soccer related violence in Australia is over ethnic tensions, and the most prominent of these is the serb/croat divide. Obviously there are also just some losers who like to “get rowdy”, which happens in all sports.

I seriously can’t understand how this bullshit happens. Most of the kids perpetrating the violence were born here: perfect opportunity to let bygones be bygones imho. But then ethnic/religious/nationalistic/racial/sports tensions never made much sense to me.

In Melbourne if soccer fans are celebrating outside a game it’s portrayed as a violent atmosphere, and mentions of the 1 arrest, or 1 person removed from the ground are news before the result is announced.
But at the cricket, there are almost 100 people kicked out etc every game.

They are probably whiteys though…

it’s because soccer is a low scoring game. The tension that mounts is much higher than in AFL/NRL, etc.

So when it’s taken 90 minutes to score one goal, it’s more understandable that you might want to stab someone.

That’s my theory anyway.

This is the best answer, I don’t even care if it is the truth or not!!!


This is the parts that really irks me. Their parents (and mine) came here to leave it all behind and start a new life.

I’d jail every one of them and think it’s the most tasteless and shameful thing I’ve seen on Aussie sporting fields. My dad didn’t take me to many soccer games when I was growing up … of those that he did, we sat well away from everyone and he instructed me to speak only in English. Of course I didn’t understand why but now I know the wisdom behind his thinking.

Speaking of which when Australia had qualified for the world cup in Germany I thought my dad was gonna have a heart attack because he was so overjoyed. Before the World Cup started I had asked him as I always do “Who do you think’s gonna win? Germany, Holland ??”… etc etc to which he replied “Australia !”. I thought he was fucking around and said “no, for real … who do you think is gonna be the best chance to win?” to which again replied with a straight face “Australia !!”. Extrapolating “we have 11 players, they have 11 … why not?”.

It made me proud and reminded me of how lucky I was to have a very wog dad who loves Australia. Not even I was romantic enough to think we could win despite having no real success prior to at the World Cup. Of course after that World Cup ended and we got robbed by Italy he of course reverted to claiming it’s all politics and rigged, “business” he called it, vowing it’s not actually a sporting contest.

true story #2: when I told my dad I sold Del Piero a kids bike for his young daughter my father in his inimitable style asked "why did you not ask him to come to our place for dinner? We can cook pasta and order some pizza !! "
… my dad’s such a wog :slight_smile:

This… I played for 3 clubs in different leagues around Melbourne and most of the teams were like this. There were always fights over these issues. They’d bait each other about stuff that happened 100 years ago!? I remember a mate telling me how when he visited back home, they’d long forgotten about it, yet they seem to revel in it here.

This also happened at the tennis recently. The last place you’d expect it to.

I used to live under the scoreboard at Marconi during the NSL. Most of it was fine, but away games at Syd United’s King Tomislav was totally different. It isn’t the actual migrants that were troublesome but their children/1st generation Australians who for whatever reason aspired to be something other than Australian.

I, for one, welcome our new wandering overlords.