god damn magpies!

what’s worse than being attacked by magpies?

having a teenager, from a car full of teenagers, climb out the window of the car which was moving beside me and make skwaking noises and flapping motions, whilst i was being attacked by a magpie…hilarious, yet bloody shameful for me lol

I’ve had blood drawn about 1 cm away from my eye and its beak was bouncing off my glasses. At least one Brisbane rider has copped another bird’s beak in the eye despite wearing glasses, not pretty!

I got my first hit of the season on Saturday over at UQ.

He was a nice one and left me alone after 2 goes.

I don’t like all those zip ties people wear - I am going to trial some big google eyes on the back of my helmet. :roll:

I guy I work with used to be a postie, he said the best thing to do was, when the shadows are right, you can see them coming you lower your head then throw it back just as theyare about to get to you. He said you knock them out :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: A few years ago I was riding on my [slow] mountain bike 10ks to a lake for a picnic I had planned. Down the highway hill I rode in the bike lane UNTIL I came across 5 or 6 gum trees FULL of magpies and their bubs. A WHOPPER of a magpie started attacking me alongside loads of cars with their families laughing. I wobbled as the magpie tried hitting my sunglasses [forget the flaming helmut]: it sought my eyes and NO LESS! I rode to the set of traffic lights a kilometre away, parked my bike, locked it against a tree, [first major magpie attack at 43yrs] LOL, spotted 2 guys in my age group on brand new harleys. Ran over, jumped, in shock on to the back of the harley, apologised, and asked him to drop me back home to collect my car. Bribed him with a case of beer. It worked UNTIL I realised as he pulled up outside my home that I had left suntan oil on his new leather seat. That day on the radio reported 2 new harleys had been stolen in the area, both of which LOL were the same colours as I’d hitched with shaking in shock from the magpie attack. I thank those guys to this day…interestingly…they never returned for the beers…think it may have to do with the suntan oil left on his seat…and I still feel dreadfully apologetic to this day after they were so good hearted as to give me a lift home out of their way. Shhh…dont repeat the story…as I never judge, especially without evidence.

mum? :-o

No, I am not your mother George. Sorry to disappoint you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Phew, that’s a relief. So, arhh, do you come here often?

There’s one beside the freeway, coming up to logan road, that swoops for 100m’s at least. Ive taken to picking up my speed to 50km/h or so and looking at my shadow, waitiing for the bastard. And when he does swoop, swing my hand above my head, and hope like all hell that I hit the bastard.

no, first time last night George; I was on the net and typed in magpies and up came this site, hoping for some innovative concepts to assist me resuming my bike riding after a break. Ride sometimes through winter; a year ago jogging fulltime and bikeriding. Now its a late magpie season and saved a couple of kids being swooped in nearby suburbs; am wary after past attacks.

Do you know if those sticks in the helmut work?

If I was a fast rider on my mountain bike, wouldnt worry about them and I dont enjoy wearing sunglasses. Anyway, the birds should have their babies trained up to fly over the next fortnight and wont be swooping next month onwards.

I also intend reading the posts to learn about my bike, parts, how to change a tube etc. My sister is a triathlete and cyclist who rides at long endurance events and it would be great to participate in some of those in different places [one day].

For all the good helmet additions do you, see shifterbikes.

Wonderful site; many thanks Spud!

I find that the zipties work - you still get swooped but it hovers next to your head trying to get close instead of bouncing off your helmet / side of head. You do look like a dickhead though.

One part of this is true (you do look like a dickhead) zipties were an elaborate hoax started one April fools day and spread from there to casual commuters then finally the weekend warriors. :evil:

Personally… I’d rather take the hit.

I saw a guy on a roadie the other day with a full face MTB helmet.

He must think the zip ties look stupid too…