god DAMN!

Somec - 55 cm, Pantographed Parts | eBay

Looks a lot like my old one, but without the Mini Max.

Someone ask the seller how much freight would be to AUS (love to flog a dead horse)

Oh my god,
that is pure sex, If only i had $2000-$3000 spare.

It’s on my watch list… which is probably all I’ll do once the realistic bids start.

crazy nice.

I’d rather one Somec than 8 Colnago’s.

That’s really nice. Don’t mean to offend anyone here but did somec just get “discovered” by hipsters in the last couple of years


That is exactly what happened and i am deeply offended.

not long to go, still lookin reasonable. anyone hear about shipping? can’t even seem to ask questions.

I reckon it will double its price by finish.

Which when parted out is still a pretty decent purchase.

tried to bid… :frowning: 23mins to go…

yup - screw USPS & AUSPOST.

i can ship if anyone wins it. it’s free to me and i’l just charge you whatever it is.
if you can get it to bid that is.

I’ll just take the panto bits and send you the rest.

(but seriously can forward it for cost)

or pm your max if you really want…but i don’t want to get fucked around.
if i don’t know you, or someone who does it ain’t happening.

^ thats a pretty awesome gesture

Post of the year

i tried a late bid without really wanting it but it went real cheap.
would have been perfect for me to part and build my somec with (barring needing/wanting a modern group).

kinda bummed i didn’t just do it, could have got almost all that back selling the frame and the group.

also no worries jase…same goes for any other things like that in the states…usually the double shipping won’t be worth it but if it’s free internally i’m happy to send it over as cheap as possible.

i woudl have bid that, if i could even. didnt’ catch your post jimmy, else might have tried to take you up! might generous.

oh well, there’ll be other somecs, and i wasn’t crazy on the fork :wink:

It’s only FEB.

and besides in 2008 it was F Moser’s 2012 we have all moved onto Gianni Motta’s