Goin Tubular

Ok, so I am going tubular for my geared bike. I have read the threads, sought some advice and am all keyed up to give it a go but I have a couple questions.

The Mastik glue is just carpet glue right?

A spare - I am shite scared of being 100k’s from home and getting a puncture. So I intend on carrying a third tubular with me. I bought Veloflex Criteriums to go on the wheels and was wondering if anyone had an opinion on a good spare tubbie.

I am looking for something that is cheaper than the Criteriums, and folds down nice and small (if this is possible).

Also, any other advice you can throw at me.

Not sure about the mastik been carpet glue I just buy the stuff from the lbs
Small light spare… Try a tufo jet, not much good for anything else though. They are tough and very light

Was thinking of the Conti Gator which you had suggested to me.

Squirt some caffelatex sealant as a precautionary measure. I too am thinking about dipping my feet in the tubular game but I’m too scared still…

^ Sugarkane had advised that he has given up on the caffelatex and just goes with Stans as he belives it seals bigger holes.

^ Interesting. I’ll trust SK as he actually uses tubs everyday. My understanding was Caffelatex was superior because it didn’t contain ammonia.

I have heard this as well, but I run Stans in my MTB tryes with no problems.

Also, from the No Tubes web site:
I heard there is ammonia in your sealant and it is bad for my tire and or rim?
Any trace amount of ammonia in Stan’s sealant will evaporate soon after it is injected into the tire. We have found no damaging effects from our sealant even after years of use. Any oxidation in your rim will just as likely be caused by riding in wet conditions or the humidity in the air. Although tape may not be necessary to seal your rim, you may add one layer to protect un-anodized or scratched areas of your rim from oxidation due to moisture in the sealant.

Will using your sealant void the warranty on my tire?
Using our sealant will void your tire warranty with certain manufacturers. Stan’s NoTubes Sealant will not damage your tire.

You live in Brisbane your fucked no mater what you do,
I’d run gp4000 on the wheels and keep what ever spare.

Oh and there is no warranty with tyres so do what you want

I don’t know much about chemistry/physics/science in general, but where the fuck is the ammonia going when it evaporates INSIDE A SEALED TYRE? Any rational explanation considered.

Ammonia can be bad for alloy rims but that’s not a big deal for a tubular tire… It’s a sealed system… The sealant doesn’t fuck up the tire but it will dry out over time… Don’t use sealant in your ride home tire… As the sealant could stick the tube together.

The gator is not that soft a tire so it won’t fold so well… I wouldn’t use a tufo for anything but a ride home but they are light and thin making em easy to fold and pack. My mate has a ride home in a pocket umbrella case… Bang it in your pocket for a long ride… Easy

NH3 molecules would be smaller than the 02 an N2 molecules in air and presumably can permeate through the rubber of the tube/tyre more readily.

I’ll take your word for it. Seeing as the latex tubes in tubbies are more permeable than butyl I guess that is indeed a reasonable answer, assuming of course that ammonia molecules are smaller than oxygen or nitrogen…

Speaking of ammonia, how good is this record? #90s #oldfart

After getting a flat first ride in my tubs I was a little annoyed. A sharp bit off glass had worked its way through the tread and punctured the inner tube. After a lift home and 2 weeks of ‘I can’t be fucked trying to fix it’ I got some vittoria pit stop (google it) and that fixed that in 2 minutes flat. Pardon the pun.

I’ve ridden 3-400 on them since on worse roads without issue. My confidence in tubs for the road is growing again although I carry a can of pit stop with me on rides.

Molecular weight of 17 compared with 28 and 32 for nitorgen and oxygen respectively.

No wonder I struggle up some hills…

Thanks Poindexter.

Next time someone gets a flat say this and see if you get a laugh (or a smack).

Someone has to fill in for Blakey while he’s o/s.

what is your motivation behind running tubulars?

veloflex clinchers feel just as good as veloflex tubulars