Golden Greek Alleycat?

Excuse my potential ignorance, but who the fuck is Golden Greek? For context:



Yeah that’s Dimos alright. Looks like ‘non-radio types’ can get stuffed, Love it :lol:

…and where the hell does he get $1000 for the usual 10-20 blokes to race for?..

community my ass, eh? :wink:

Do I sence a hint of ‘Elitest-Massenger’ goin on here? 8)

Are we starting an argument here.

If people want to run races they can run races.
If there are qualifying rules there are qualifying rules.

Personally, I don’t give a flying fvck. Let em do it their way.

Its their loss if they limit who can join in.

Well fuck it why not start an argument?!!!(jokes). I for one am am upset that I don’t get a chance to race for $1000, let alone the “Shitloads of prizes” thats all.

Who cares?

Races have rules. At least the rules are there up front - better than turning up and being ostracised for not being a messenger, which is what used to happen.

There have been plenty of ‘everyone welcome’ events in the last year so I don’t see a problem with messengers wanting to have their own events too.

BTW Idesa, you and I would have no chance at the win anyway :wink:

Well fuck it why not start an argument?!!!(jokes). I for one am am upset that I don’t get a chance to race for $1000, let alone the “Shitloads of prizes” thats all.[/quote]

you’ll have to get a glamour job then idesa :wink:

maybe you should all turn up in hellenic dress, give them a serve of socratic logic on the definition of ‘messenger’, and then go on to win the prize!

oh, oh! what about some greek jokes? you know the ones …

q) in greece, how do you separate the men from the boys?
a) with a crowbar.

tsk tsk :slight_smile:


I shouldn’t be writing, us and them. I don’t believe in us and them.

We all ride bikes.

Whatever the event. people should enter. The more the merrier.

Damn it Nick I was havin fun with that image of me blasting across the line with not another rider in sight!!!
Sorry Lats if I offended you.
Glam job eh? Or maybe I could get a bank loan and buy those gold pista bits off ebay, then roll around town with my nose in the air stating “I have no need for such races anyway” hahaha Do I hear the song “…Dreamer, nothin but a dreamer…”? :shock:

No offence taken. Was worried I might have added fuel to the fire.

Gold - Bling - Nose in air - Why not. Get your frame Plated as well!!!
Then we’re talking about some serious bling bling.

Of course the thing to do would be to simply organise a series of ?non-messenger? alleycat races for us outsider.

I wonder if Dan, Lynn and others would support that…?

What, don’t you remember when Dan was running the Monday Mayham…all done for non-couriers and only 2-5 people would turn up.

sorry, I wasn’t around then…

Perhaps weekly is too often, considering the effort req’d to plot a course, checkpoints etc…

Monthly over summer perhaps?

What about at the prequel? There was no us vs. them attitude at all there! Whatever… I think this photo sums it all up nicely:


    o      \o/
  0-0      /|

Surprise! You’ve been: -=| STREET JOUSTED |=-

Run your own race!

The Golden Greek alleycat is being run for couriers, as a celebration of the courier way or some shit.

If you want mass appeal and fame, race mtb/road/cyclocross/track or something.

…red herring, you are, roguey

people seem to forget what an alley cat is.
i’m sorry guys but its a messenger race!
run for messengers, by messengers.
if the organisers decide to open it up to outsiders, thats fine, but first and foremost, it’s for the guys who work.
it’s like some of the people who wanted to race CMWC. if you aren’t a messenger, you can’t race. you can come watch, come enjoy, come meet up and drink, but don’t expect to be allowed to race unless you can convince someone you should. it’s a messenger culture, not a cycling culture or fixed wheel culture. they are incidentals tothe main point.
i’m not saying this as an us and them thing at all, and i’m really not trying to be devisive in any way.
there are a LOT of races run for all types of cycling, MTB, road, track, cyclocross, hare and hound, you name it. but the alley cat is, and i have to admit i hope it remains, a messenger institution. i can’t race my fixed work bike in a time trial, or the southbank crit.

i’ve run a couple here in brisbane as well as overseas, and i usualy don’t open them to the public. unfortuantely in brisbane if you want to have any chance of more than 10 riders, you invite every one you can. and yet even at the last one i heard people saying it wasn’t non-messenger freindly.
i tried to make it as even as possible, and i think it was pretty good with a fixed, non messenger taking, what was it 4 or fifth or something (can’t remember and never did get round to writing out the race report thingie for people who wanted it)?
so if they want to run a cat their way, their choice.
you want to run a non messenger cat (oxymoron though that is), it’s up to you to organise it, and find sponsors for it.