Gong Ride, 26th June

Il inverno classico alla Gong

Winter Classic to the Gong, Saturday 26th June.

Meet at Bourke St for vital sustenance at 8am. Ride to Cronulla (more coffee at Grind), get the ferry to Bundeena, and then straight through the National Park to the Gong. Train home, or return leg for those hardy souls.

100ish km.

Should be a nice prelude to the Tweed Run. Who’s in?


If I can get the day off I’m in!

Ps. Ferry goes every hour, on the half-hour.

Lock it in Eddie.


Mate, you got your roadie yet?

In. Will ride brakeless fixed or braked singlespeed.

few days…you’ll know about it when it happens, 5.5 months in the making

Cool, can’t wait to see it. Nice action.

I should be in.

got the day off so i’m in… training in the morning with rhys voigt

Yes… In!

Strictly for the hardcorrrrreee. Can someone let Ev know? Definitely his kind of thing. I will be in full lycra as usual, and I’m excited.
Also, Keirin please join us! Sans purple tyres though.

will try to get big ring chin out with us instead of doing waterfall with a bunch of old fags!

ps rhys he is joining us in the park in the morning!

I’m not working friday night/saturday morning anymore, so if you wanted to start earlier I would be able to make it. Though if we start earlier, no bakery breakfast would be available at bourke st. Happy either way.

I reckon we should start at 8. I want breakfast and I want it to be warmer when we set off.

Good plan. It will be nice to wear a short sleeve and shorts.

im in for this and 8am is a good time for me as well.

We are amassing quite a crew. Looking forward to seeing the paceline we can get going.

at least this crew will know how to pace line… wednesday night back from lapas was a shambles… dam fixie riders.

terence is in i think so we will have a tough pace master on team!

who will want to ride home instead of sitting on the train drinking beer. ( which i will partake in if that is our course of action! )
180km round trip! whos ready?