Gong Ride, 26th June

I hope to partake of beer on the train, but would like to repeat this trip semi-frequently and will aim for return trip in not too distant future.

What I need are yellow arm-warmers, and if I can’t find them I will not ride.

Surf forecast is shit, increasing my probability of attendance.

I hope this doesn’t become a smashfest. I haven’t really ridden in the last 2 weeks: I beg for mercy…

Pencilling in interest

Rod suggested we go to a micro brewery/pub that is about 10km before the gong. Panoramic views, good food and there’s a train station there too. Sounds like a good place to stop? Unless you really want to see the bright lights of Wollongong?

Jono, don’t worry about smash-fest, I’ll be hanging out the back with the other wheezy boys.

If you want to ‘pace line’ why don’t you head out with Caluzzi?

One of the last road rides we did (Tour de Eastern Beaches) got fucked because some people smash off the front. It doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of this type of ride, but tell me if I’m wrong.

Home - The Scarborough Hotel

Also check my FB album:

Also considering it will be pretty much the first time I have ever ridden a road bike, i won’t be killing it i imagine…

Scarborough have good brews - Also the Five Islands Brewery at South Beach has good onsite brewed beer. From about Bulli there is a cycle path that mostly follows the water all the way in to Wollongong.

Nath - I hope you know the hills if you’re going brakeless. Its the downhills toward the end when you’re knackered I’d be worried about.

I’m still only a maybe. But keen to go, so I’ll try and make it. If I come I’ll leave the cursed purple tyres at home. And I won’t be smashing anything, so count me as a +1 for the back of pack.

Ok, so the consensus is a relatively easy-paced, “no man left behind” sort of deal. This sounds tops. Must acquire an extra bottle before saturday…

I’d like a fun ride. Not sure whether that means a hard ride til we get there. It’d be nice to feel like I’d actually earned my beer and steak, but I don’t want to go flat out by any means.

This ride was concieved with the idea that it’d be reasonably fast, but I’m happy to go with whatever.

Bugger it, shall we all buy Rivendells, become Englsh professors and grow long beards? I’ll be wearing spd sandals, see you at the bakery.

Reasonably fast = relatively easy paced. The concern for me is that I smash it out too hard at the start and have nothing left in the tank for later on. This’ll be the longest ride I’ve done, I have no idea what constitutes “fast” or “easy” at this distance…

That said, I have acquired a bike with mudguards, panniers and big tyres. SPD sandals sound great.

We could have two groups?

Ps. Bureau of Meteorology website suggests that it will be raining on saturday. Fork. Watch the skies.

HahA the dialog here is pretty funny
I think the tough part is climbing outa the NP
super fast desent into though which I’m looking forward to…
The whole point of the line is to give people a chance to recover in the draft!
No one gets dropped! We are all in this togeather…
I can see T and carlin gapping every one up the hills( I totally suck at hills too!)
looking forward… As long as the rain holds off until we are under way then I’m not fussed about the weather…
For most of us this is a very big ride so pacing our selves is going to be paramount!
Cheer up lads!!

So true about pacing ourselves. My wife thinks I’m nuts for attempting it when I struggle up the hill at Bronte… Haha - We’ll see who’s laughing when I can’t walk on Sunday.

Not worried about rain either. Unless its pouring. I’d be more worried about the bike than myself in the rain.

wet in the national park will slow down the descents which i would not be happy about…

I think since we all know each other the pace of the ride won’t be a problem. It’s long enough to smash it out for a bit then cruise for a while. In saying that though I agree with Duncan - it’s nice to feel as though you’ve earnt your bread. We’ll see.

I’m sure it’s gonna be fun regardless. But, I’m not going if it’s pissing down.

if its dry when we leave but could rain then bring a packable jacket, if it’s belting down at muster time then no deal!