Goodbye Summer !

There wasn’t a lot of sunny days this year (not in Sydney anyway). We had bucket loads of rain, and it was unseasonably cool and it only got a little hot for what seemed like a minute. Anyway, it’s clear that summer is done and I was just looking through some recent pics that reminded me of the sun, warm weather and long days, and balmy nights that I can never get enough of.

Feel free to post your pics too !!

Doing the dishes on 90 Mile Beach

Heading along Gormandale-Stradbroke Rd

Rehydrating after arriving in Rosedale


Kinda Summer all year round up here in the tropics but these are my Fav pics from this year…
Heron Island just off Gladstone

Weekend beach walk

Goodbye Horses Q Lazzarus Music Video by Jessica Janos Q Lazarus - YouTube

December in Hong Kong:

New (old) house:

Holliday at Mt Tamborine, QLD


Highly endorsed as a summer drink!

Some summer-y things, I guess…

what/where is that top white thingy?

It’s in Singapore’s marina bay. Locally known as “The Lotus”, it’s a kind of media/arts museum-cum-exhibition-space thingy.

This thread rules.

I think it’s their science museum now.

Summah nightz!

Summer? I thought it was more the end of the period of the year where it is acceptable to listen to the Beach Fossils as background music for every moment…

Beach Fossils - Daydream - YouTube

Im going to miss warm summer nights at the track

Yeah, but two of them late in the afternoon means I’m asleep by 6:30pm.

I love Ricard, but might go back to Pernod. They’re very different styles of the same liquor and one of the nicest traditions I picked up from the French. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste but something I think should be tried.