Goodbye vBulletin & Blog, hello Discourse

Hi friends,

FOA is getting a long-overdue upgrade: Zach is very kindly moving is up in the world from this very 1990s vBulletin world we are living in right now, to a newer, brighter world, called Discourse.

This will be happening on Friday night - the forum will go offline entirely for the migration. When you return on Saturday, everything will be completely different, however assuming everything goes well, you will be able to login with your usual username/password combination.



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this is :fire:

zach is the greatest.

also many thanks to the bandit for keeping this antipodean corner of the fixie dream alive

I digress: Everyone will need to reset their passwords - SO ENSURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CURRENT AND UP TO DATE BEFORE THEN.

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Woo! Nice one nickj

How many hours of music are we going to lose?

Can I keep the skyline banner and purple logo please

take a moment to remember the phpBB FOA

Oh boy.

Thanks for all your efforts over the years NickJ. How long before we have Defender sub forum?

Still love fixies now and forever.

would smash like button, but that will have to wait for discourse :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is pretty close.

Some great content from back then everyone was very woke.

Before my time, I’m happy to say.

They spelt bargains wrong.

This is a bait and switch - Defenders are the new fixies, we’re transitioning to a more Land Rover specific forum to appeal to our userbase.

it begins! Will need a whole seperate sub forum on Pete’s disco thoughts and problems. And I’ll continue to harass Rolu to get snork on dat Hilux.

Anticipatory downtime tonight in preparation for the Discourse upgrade tomorrow - resizing some disks. Starting around 8pm, site offline for about 30mins.

hullo from discourse friends!


Yewww, how much better is this! :metal: Thanks Zach!!!


Yeah @Zach!


So good. Thanks also @nickj :pirate_flag: