Goodbye vBulletin & Blog, hello Discourse

Is this new service going to work with any mobile app, or are we still web-based?

Go to on your phone and it should prompt you to ‘Add FoA to your home screen’ or similar. It works pretty good.

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Does this happen on iOS? I get the prompt on Android to add to home screen, much better than using Chrome on phone as the address bar disappears

Ya I think it does, iPhone folx will have to confirm. It’s not a real ‘app’ but it’s close

^ Didn’t get anything.

No exclamation marks in usernames? Booooo

Looks like it’s just for Android. On iOS you gotta add a Safari shortcut

P_N20 is more fun, the underscore could be anything!!!

i want in on the deep thoughts about WCP’s disco… I have nothing of substance to add, but can guarantee i’ll ask stupid questions :expressionless:

My ghost doesn’t spin any more this is the worst thing to happen to FOA EVER :rage:

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Where are they now (those names)?

I will have to look into a plugin that supports signatures, things just don’t feel right! :grimacing:

Ol’ ghosty has settled down now, has a stable partner, a 9-5 and is thinking about having little baby ghostys. It’s the way things go, man


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body seems unclear, is it a complete setence?

Mad props to Zach.
Gonna need some “obscure fixie Forum migration consultant” business cards made


Well this is different. First time posting in a Discourse environment. Hello… is this thing on?


No, you need to speak up.

so so different :open_mouth:

Wait, who is this? Could be anyone!

What’s this 10000 replies = automatic closure thing I am seeing?

it’s 20k now, i re-opened the big threads, mods can bump it back to 10k and make new threads if they like