Graphics experts: font ID?

Yeah, should be a little higher and tighter. I dropped the black border down intentionally cause the frame will hopefully be a dark colour and it wont matter as much. Its done now.

Am not! But you will also notice the base of the ‘I’ on the original image is wider than the top…

Parallax error. Because its on a curved tube. Cause the deal is chipped. Am I close?

Times new roman… use it. Love it.

Pro gay and anti nationalist band set to tour Australia. - Stormfront

H.o.l.y. shit. I hadn’t clicked through to see what the stormfront forums were until now. What a pack of nutjobs.

So a band of gay filth that uses anti-White lyrics is allowed into the country but two wholesome young White women,Prussian Blue, singing positively about the White Race is not allowed into the country. Its pretty obvious who the enemy is.

Your government is your enemy and it doesnt matter what party is in power.

That forum is mindblowing. It scares me that people like that exist.

I had to close the tabs and stop reading, I was getting too disgusted and angry

i seriously thought that forum was about storm chasers and weather watchers etc, so didnt bother reading it.

but as JLN says, its fukkin scary people like that exist.

Shit, I thought it was a Billy Joel forum.