Gravel grind for Dummies, part Deux: Wiseman's Ferry, Sun 23 July (tentative)

Consensus is that it’s time to do this again, so here goes!

-Sunday 23 July, 9.30 am to roll out at 10.00

-45km dirt/gravel/bitumen ride (80% dirt etc)

-No real climbing, road follows the river for the most part

-Start/finish at Wiseman’s Ferry, at the park right near the ferry on the south side of the river

The plan is to roll out about 10am, take our sweet time getting to St Albans for lunch then roll back to Wiseman’s. We’ll take Settler’s Road on the north side of the river which is mostly dirt/gravel and has really nice views of the river and headlands, and even a First Fleet graveyard or two to check out. No real climbs to worry about, so fitness isn’t really an issue. There’s no shops or anything on the whole ride apart from the pub at St Albans, so bring food if you think you’ll need it, and you can refill bottles at the pub. Decent pub food at St Albans, and they do a really great hand-pumped real ale as well as normal beers n that. They take eftpos but bring cash just in case. It gets really busy on a Sunday, hence the plan to get there before noon…

The gravel/dirt bits aren’t terrible but are sometimes a little corrugated, so bring the fattest tyres you can get on your bike. A couple of folks rode 23mm tyres on their sw8 fixies last time and found they got a bit battered, so skinny tyres are doable but not gonna make for a super fun day. It’s pretty okay on 30mm but gets more fun with every mm of width.

So waddya reckon? Who’s in?

IN!!, perfect for the surly and the compass 38’s

Me … In !!! :slight_smile:

I do suggest a name change: Gravel for Dummies is cute but no longer valid as many people have had some dirt time.
Lets just call it Jono’s Ride™ :wink:

Also in

Also in.

Will commute out via Bushranger route (camping Ten Mile Hollow or there bouts), then return TT to Windsor

Yeah, it’s a work day, but I might take leave

Yep, I’m in. I’ll be riding from my place via galston etc, then probably back to windsor for the train back home as I did last time with Alex and James.

If I can get a lift back from Wiseman’s to somewhere back on Old Northern Rd, I’ll probably ride out from home. Family time constraints won’t allow a full loop home via Windsor…

I’m in. May possibly ride back and forth from Windsor station, or even ride early from Marrickville. Will see.

again - tentative as usual, will find out tonight. Jono, could probs give the lift you require should I be able to come.

hey rod,
would your van fit 3 bikes ?

Rod, that would be spectacular. Haven’t been for a ride in the ol’ Delica in about 5 years.
Also, you could pick up all that homebrewing gear!


no worries Cam - i have a 3 bike bike rack now! If I can go I’ll swing by your place.

oh sweet :smiley: i’ll throw in for some fuel - beer/petrol which ever suits

So ahhh, when we going to Stromlo Rod? The banshee is yet to make it’s debut outing down there.

Does this look like the Stromlo thread?

Hey Jono, you just worry about their being beer in that hand pump this time hey mate. I’m not doing a 180k loop for a coopers!

Valid point. They did have that pretty nice central coast pale tho.