Greg LeMond

Couple of shots just taken, when the weather gets decent i’ll take some decent shots.
Originally bought it complete with Delta C-Record, but wanted to ride something that could deal with abuse.
Pretty sure it’s Columbus SLX, just by comparing the tubes and weight of the Eddy Merckx corsa extra I just sold.

Only built it up last night, taking it into Shifter tomorrow so he can fine tune it, cut the steerer tube by a couple of mm and sort out the shim for the fork converter, but after the commute to Hawthorn today i couldn’t be happier with how responsive it is, generally very happy with the way it rides and looks, looking forward to tackling some longer rides and climbs and seeing how it holds up.

Here’s the build list;

60cm ST and 59.5cm TT
SRAM force group except the rear cassette-the wheels only took actual Shimano 10s so there’s an Ultegra cassette on there 11-28
Easton EA90-SLX wheels
Conti GP4000 tyres
Thomson layback Masterpiece Seatpost
Thomson X2 stem
Easton EA-70 bars
Specialized team carbon saddle
Chris King 1" threaded headset
Shimano 105 SPD pedals

EDIT: sun came out so took a few shots, also picked it up from Dan today and he really has some impressive skills, thought it rode well before, now it’s an absolute dream.

Nice retro tech will the rear wheel only take a 10 Spd shimano without the thin shim one of the few shimano only 10 Spd freehubs out there if not is should take a SRAM cass.

i like, i would ride

Classic frame with new groupset looks great!

Looks great. Nice saddle choice. Check inside the seat tube for the helical ridges to determine if SLX… SL is lighter than SLX.

33 grams- and I thought I was a weight weenie!..

That’s 34 grams H. That 1g difference means a lot to a true weight weenie.

This has SL at 1925g, so 41g.

For info, Max is 1900g.

34g’s is a whole lot!! I managed to save 30g off my saddle by removing the padding!!

But what about the 50g of calluses you will develop on your arse? Net weight change = +20g.

my greg lemond is cromor if that makes any difference

i don’t get my nics at the cell bikes netti sale…

did 60kms of hills in akuna bay this morning and my arse it totally fine! didn’t notice much difference at all!

stripping SLR saddle

thats a pretty dam sweet ride by the way!!

I guess you are using a quill adapter… is there much flex when using one of those? I suppose flex is less than quill but more than threadless?

These weigh charts should only be taken as a guide. In reality, lug types, frame size, braze-on’s and paint all make for quite a variance in actual weight.

Of course but if the lugs, braze-ons etc were identical, and the frame size was the same, these weight differences probably would exist.
Agreed we really shouldn’t stress about the weights of these. If you want a light frame, just buy crabon. Apologies to the OP on somewhat hijacking this thread with useless WW talk.

Hush H… Paint alone can add a couple of hundred grams (or so say a variety of sites when explaining why sylvan chavaunels TdF bike is stripped back). depending on who painted it (and how good they were) you coulod be talking about a reasonable difference.

Tris - nice bike… im sure you will give it a good test soon enough.

lovin it.

although curious if you notice a difference to your merckx ride wise? or just wanted something different?

I tried with the SRAM and it didn’t work, then checked the Easton site and found out i’d made a booboo.

Jasey: I never got to ride the Eddy, damn shame but I was fooling myself thinking I could get away with a 58sq, but the guy who bought it up is building it to a pretty similar spec to the LeMond.

Regarding all this WW talk, I ain’t no weight weenie-the ken weighs a heap but horses for courses, wanted to keep the weight down on this but still have it reliable and solid for a long time.

Thanks for the comments guys.

And Nick hit me up yo’

No, actually it’s good to point out the differences as lugs and braze-on’s really vary quite wildly in their weights. It’s easy to make a frame from the same tubeset but have a difference of 200 to 400 grams. Some investment cast plug in style fittings add a lot of weight but also improve functionality and strength. I had a 60cm Speedwell from the late 30’s that was lighter than a 56cm Italian made Columbus SL frame
from the late 80’s.

Also good frame builders would tailor tubesets to the riders. Some famously never cared to discuss what tubing they built with like Richard Sachs until he and Pegoretti got Columbus to draw tubes to their specs/design.

I do think more emphasis wrongly goes to weight rather than who built it. I’ve ridden Aelle and Cromor frames that would dance around Neuron, and 753 from production built big names. If you like the way a frame rides, you’re in sync with it and feel confident in the way it handles then you’ll be faster no matter the weight penalty.

Spirito - there’s no denying that the build of a frame plays a major role in ride quality. But Horatio’s point is still correct… ceterus parabus, a frame built with SL will be lighter than a frame built with SLX. H makes no claim about ride quality.

The purpose of my initial post - highlighting the minor difference between the weight of SL and SLX was to point out that it would be naive to assume a frame was either SL or SLX based on weight, and that , I think, most people incorrectly assume SLX is lighter than SL.