Have any of you used Gripsport before? I am wondering if I should let them install bottle cage mounts on my Ellsworth CX frame? Over the years I’ve not built it up because I never needed a dedicated CXer w/o cage mounts. If this frame had mounts on it I’d ride it as a training bike / gravel grinder. Any thoughts? Is there any issues having it drilled and tapped for cages?

I think a lot of guys here have used them over the years.

No help on gripsport, but if I had an Ellsworth I probably wouldn’t be modifiying it in any permanent way.

I’d get a clamp on bottle cage (as below), or a few zip ties and appropriately placed duct tape would hold the cage on pretty well.

Check this one:

Or I’m sure you coule source something a little more stylish:

I’ve used Grip before on 2x aluminium duallie MTB frames and would use him again for any aluminium bike repairs/modifications.

That said bottle cage mounts can probably be done with “rivnuts” which require only drilling a hole and using the appropriate tool to install the rivnut, no welding required. A decent LBS may be able to do it.

The clamp idea interesting (would be very useful for bikepacking)! I’m not fussed about the frame at all, I believe it is just a rivnut as pointed out above. I guess it shouldn’t structurally change the frame in any way since most bikes have holes drilled to accommodate the bottles.

Like Nexus, says a lot of guys on here (or RB) have used them. Known for rock solid repairs that can, sometimes, be a little rough on the eye - of course this with reference to TIG welded repairs. User Slinky has experience with Gripsport, you could flick him a message. Also Tris (user merzbild) at Commuter Cycles does loads of frame brazing modifications on steel frames, but not sure about alumimium.

Any good bike shop will be about to put in the rivnut style bottle mounts. And seconded with gripsports finish not being the most polished but it is definitely solid.

Nice Ellsworth, definate horn factor!

try Elite bottle cage mounts, perfect for non-drilled frames.

They’re a Zip-Tie style holder but with a screw ratchet mechanism, instead of regular clip cable ties.

I know of a bunch of people who have used them and have heard very positive feedback.

They also happen to be in stock at Saint Cloud…

Gripsport on the other hand, I’ve heard mixed reviews

Thanks everyone… I’ve shifted gears, going to sell the Ellsworth frame/fork, you’ll see it on e-blag soon!