gw bush has a moots, parlee, baum...

A Parlee Z5… wonder if he’s a closet, weight weenie?

omg, SK = GWB.

gw puts in some decent miles too.

what is it with conservatives and bikes? abbott, bush, johnson (who i’d prob vote for based on this aesthetic)

William Shakespeare follows him:-

William Shakespeare | Cyclist in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, United Kingdom | Strava

and William follows Captain Kirk:-

If I was a retired president I’d be on the bike a lot too.

ah, ok. SK does not equal GWB.

Ha he’s riding more than 90% of the so called ‘cycling enthusiasts’ round here
He’s getting some MTBing done too
This kinda makes him lesss of a dick

there’s probably a few iraqi families out there who would respectfully disagree.

And a shitload of non-Iraqis.

Doing a lot of miles on the bike does not make you a better person: you heard it here first.


I only said kinda…

Is it even his real account though?

Of course it’s not. George rides a Niner

True. It’d be nice if he was an advocate for cycling in general, but I suppose he has a bunch of crew-cutted special service agents with him at all times. Any lane’s a bike lane when you’re armed and dangerous…

Bet you he’s packing too… He is a Texan though.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it is his…

Questions that remain for me:

-Is this a real account profile?
-Why buy a bike from Geelong when you live in the US?

Baums are reasonably highly sought after (or sort after, for you real estate agents) in the US. You could ask the same as to why someone in Aus would want a bike ostensibly from Massachusetts.

Baums are world class frames there are prolly more of em out in the wild than here in Australia
They are also pretty expensive

plus, as kanye said, gw is apparently from texas, so it must be him.