Gypsy & LAM's epic adventure

Hey guys,

Just an idea at the moment but I’m after expressions of interest if anybody would be keen to ride with me from Brisbane back to Melbourne, probably meeting with Canonball in Sydney if it goes ahead at the end of Jan 2010

It’s only about 1950kms so I’d say an extra week onto Canonball including a rest day in Sydney.

Your very keen. As am I :slight_smile: but that somewhat scares me.

A few guys have mentioned maybe flying for Brisbane to Sydney and doing the cannonball run.

I’d be VERY suprised if the Canonball officially happens again. I’m still keen for Brisbane to Melbourne but really need to suss out dates and sections etc.

planing on doing it fixed or on the roadie?

I’d say fixed on the pista but might do it on single speed cyclo cross bike.

I love the sound of it but I doubt I’d be able to find the time. Full moral support from me - sounds like a wicked ride.

+1. but this ride sounds sufficiently epic. full moral support also comes from me.

1950kms. How many days have your roughly thought this might take?

13 (including one rest day in Sydney) = 162kms per day. If it was two weeks including one rest day it would be down to 150kms per day.

:evil: Piece of piss if you have a good saddle. :wink:

Also thinking if it goes ahead I may try and get individual and corporate sponsorship per km and donate some money to charity.

As I said, just ideas at the moment though.

I’m really keen to get a big ride under the belt. Epic!! BSNYC would love it.

It’s a bad time of year for me though, either starting back after holidays or moving to Europe.

you may have to wear rapha

You’d have to sit down at a trendy caf and talk about how epic it was too :stuck_out_tongue:

a couple of the sydney boys are talking about sydney-adelaide (via melburn) later in the year. will post when i have more details. they might be keen for hangers-on…

Melbourne to Adelaide would be soooo boring. Dead flat, dead roos and head wind.

Yeah, the drive bewteen the two is bad enough, let alone riding it.

not if you go by the coast.

i’d be down for giving this a shot! as long as i have enough time to build some legs back up after being bikeless in south america for a couple of months.

Just organising a fixed Specialized Singlecross so it’s ON!

Dates to follow. . . . .

i might come.

that sounds like such a good ride. i wouldn’tbe able to complete bne to melb but i might think about sydney to melbourne in late feb early march or so when the weather isn’t as warm depending on if i can get a riding buddy or two. would like to do it fixed but would have to look into it. good luck man. peace out and p.s i would sponsor you if you do sponsorship. like 50 bucks or somethin. whatever seems to be the going rate from people.