H Plus Son TB14 help/advice...

I tried hunting the forum for info on these but didn’t fine much…

I’m looking at getting a set of these rims for that Columbus Max frame of mine. Have many people used them before or can rate their build quality? Weight seems similar to open pros also…

If anyone has photos of complete wheel sets that would be rad to see.

I guess I am tossing up between the TB14s in either polished or hard ano or Open Pros in silver of CD…


gene has these, as does blakey. from memory blakey has spoken highly of them and he boss bike.

Actually I don’t have any, but I’m impressed with them from what I’ve seen. And I boss.

Sir Kev also has a pair.

Commuter Cycles have built multiple sets up, they like 'em too. Give them a ring.

Best rims eva, imo!! Love 'em!! I’ve been riding mine sine late Feb and they are awesome. Build up better than any rim I’ve ever built, granted that’s only about 25 wheels but hey), and are strong and damn gorgeous! (I’ve got the polished ones)

They weigh a little more than Open Pros but remember that they are considerably wider (23mm, like the Hed Belgium and Velocity A23), and they are a bit beefier, imo (in a good way). This width also give a nice profile to 23mm tyres, and allows much wider tyres too. Not sure how they go with super narrower tyres (if your bike is one of those 20mm max deals), maybe check with manuf about that but I s’pose it’d be okay.

Only photos I have don’t really do them justice so no point in posting them.

Thanks for the replies!

Ah, yeah the 20c tyre on it. I had forgotten about that… I’ll see if I can find out some more info on that.

Still keen to see some photos if any one has some, especially of the hard ano ones…

I have them laced to dura ace I’ll get some photos up tonight

Get on tarckbike.com A bunch of guys have built them up over there, the guy that owns the company/designs the rims did them a special group buy deal. Still kicking myself for not getting in on it.

Sucker. Limited edition, bro.

Here’s the tarck thread with a handful of TB14 pics:
Don’t bother asking for opinions over there, cos noobs rarely get helpful answers.

DSC02005 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
DSC02012 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

thats them on my cross build, ive put some serious punishment on these babys, running minimum psi for CX and bashing around like a hoodlum, i also feel directly on my rear wheel the other day dismounting like a douche bag, and within 5 min commuter had it back to true and solid again, plus they look smick

Heres the ones on the Bridgestone i just finished.
So far i love them, The finish is great and they look just as good but not sure how you would go running 20’s.
How tight is the frame have you tried 23’s.

I got these from Gear $170 a pair i think.

Thanks for the photos guys! They look awesome on the Bridgestone Dayne!

Yeah the fork is quite tight. A 23c won’t move in there. I was wondering about spacing out the front wheel in the drop outs slightly? It just needs 1 or 2mm…I guess smaller tyre would be a much safer option…

file the forks ?

The fork crown is pretty slim on the fork so I don’t think that would be a good option. I have heard of forks cracking when they have been filed also…

I dremeled out mine but they had heaps of meat.
I wouldn’t file those, hell I’d be careful sanding them.
Ask one of the brains trust about running 20’s in a 23 Im not sure if it’s ok.
Might not bead properly and tend to roll off.

Interesting reading so far with regard these rims. Anybody lace them up to 9/10/11 speed rear hubs (lots of dish)? High mileage?

fair point, i wouldnt file those either.

How do the TB14s compare to the Velocity A23s as ‘clintulars’ ?
I really like the eyelets and classic look.
Nice to see them on gink_04 cross bike which is more the sort of thing I was thinking of.

Simon (Clarion) is running some on his Jack Taylor touring bike. I don’t know what that is though, maybe 7? 8? speed.

Speak to Sam at Treadly. He’s built up a set or two now.

If I had a need for some nice wheels, I’d be all over a set of these.

Clarion’s are laced to a Sondelux front and a Maxicar rear (5/6 speed I guess).
Nikcee has some laced to DTSwiss 10 speed
Gene’s CX set are also road hubs running a SS conversion kit
Sirkev has laced his to… ?

Cool. Might give them a shot so I don’t have to strip anodizing and hand polish other rims. I will admit that i’m a big fan of Velocity Razor’s at the moment - beautiful rims and build up very sweetly too.

Problem is that I gotz way too many rims and not enough projects !!! Silly me … time to get into the shed and let loose again :wink: