Handlebar ID

Anyone know what the bars on this bike are? Are they the Sushi bars?

Beautiful Bicycle: Zoe’s Shifter Bikes Single Speed (Prolly Is Not Probably)

Don’t look like my Sushi bars.

Ring Zoe and ask her.

Yeah, I’ll just give her a bell… Except I don’t know who Zoe is.

If they’re not, the bend/rise/sweep is very similar. You could call Shifter and ask if you desperately have to know.

Do I need to grab you a set tomorrow and put them in the mail? Same price as my used VO bars would have been, and half the price of new VOs. Black or silver, 25.4mm clamp.

Have a look at my flickr sets for the GT Edge and GT Force and see if you like 'em. Run a long stem (both bikes have 130mm stems, available super cheap normally) to compensate for lack of hoods / backsweep.

(I also know where there’s a set of OG Cinelli ‘Priest’ bars, with Cinelli stem, for sale in Melb. Great condition, $200.)

nitto b206?
Nitto B206 Nordeast Handlebar 52.5cm Crmo 25.4

If you call Shifter, Zoe will likely answer the phone.

Rooster might be hooking me up with some VO Milan’s secondhand so I’ll wait for now.

I’d love to get some OG Priests, but I’m trying to get this bike built on a budget…

From the man himself, they were off an old Apollo mixte.

^ Sorry I wasnt trying to be smart I just meant what Blakey said, and had to close the screen to do work.

That’s cool. Not being a Melburnite, I’m not sure who people are.

did you call THE real life actual dan at shifter?

You should have asked if you can buy a shifterbike.


Did Dan say anything about the sweep back so you know what would be a current, affordable, equivalent handlebar?
Those bars don’t look like they have much or any rise either.

He pretty much said they are off an old Apollo mixte and has no idea what they are. We didn’t really get into the specifics of sweep and rise of the bars.

Means nothing unless JLN actually rode them and loved them. Got to be comfortable for the rider, not just for sweet photos.

Unless they are Cinelli Priests?


If they’re Priests I’ll make those fuckers work for me.

Soma Noahs Arc bars?