Hanging a bike on the wall options?

I have finished my favourite bike and want to hang it on the wall in my house.
I have loads of free walls and I think it’ll be good at taking up some of that space.

Any ideas of how to do this nicely?

This looks do’able but a bit of overkill.

I suggest using hooks.

I suggest using the search function or any search engine. Other suggestions may include hooks, howard’s storage world, cycloc.

That piece of wood is actually overpriced underkill (for various reasons. see: search function and bike snob)

Cool bike shelf
Vertical Hanging
Home Storage


surfboard racks could be an option

Thanks but I did use the search engine. Came up with the same links you did and none suited what I wanted to do.
I’m looking for something a bit less visible. I’ll keep looking.

Then do hooks man. Paint them the same colour as your wall and put a little felt on the top side and you’ll have yourself some stealthy, tasteful and structurally sound options. Just make sure you install them onto a cross beam or use little rubber thingys like these:

I know but the hooks have to be 250-300mm deep (long) to allow the handle bars to sit straight.

True. A good friend of mine uses hooks in his apartment and trusts their integrity so much that he actually has his bike hung above his bed. So you can find them out there.

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another way if you want a shelf as well is get an ikea Lack shelf and then get some hooks ( these might work ). then you can hang your bike under and put your helmet and shoes/tools up on top.

Great idea. Thank you

Clever! Only issue is that those shelves are made from particle board… so hanging a bike off of some hooks underneath will most probably pull the screws out fairly quickly.

But if you used some nice hardwood and a decent wall brace, I think you could have a seriously awesome outcome.

ah yes good ol ikea particleboard, i forgot about that. but getting hardwood made to fit their fittings and replace when it breaks is a certain win :slight_smile:


really nice ride,

Frame- unable to identify so I gave up. Possibly S.A Whitehorn but I looked for months and cam up with nothing. Painted 10 months ago by Paconi
Stem- Nitto Pearl 90mm
Bars- Nitto B123 (NJS stamped)
Headset- mixture of 3-4 different ones I had hanging around
Cranks- Sugino Mighty’s (44 tooth)
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Rims- Velocity Fusions 36 Spoke
Rear Hub- Gran Campe 36 hole
Front Hub- Novatech 36 hole
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Tires- Gatorskins
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