HAPPY FRIDAY Do the evolution baby

(Have we done this before? IDK)

Happy Friday.

FOA’s been around for a while now, many of us have gone through a number of different bikes in that time.

Post a timeline! Bonus points if you owned an Evolution. No judging jackass setups from BITD, we were all n00bs once and have (hopefully) learned and moved on, instead, point and laugh.

Shame I don’t have photos of my sw8 camo fixie from when I was real young, 12" wheeled BMX, fixed, so sw8, so ahead of its time. I’m only going to post bikes I no longer own for now.

Raleigh Super Course MkII - first fixed gear conversion after reading all about ‘fixies’ on aus.bicycle and BFSSFG, makes me shudder now for so many reasons. I blame bikeforums.

Soren Son - Bought it for a song, so I traded it for a pair of rims. Was always too big. That bartape makes splash look good, to say nothing of the angles.

Kerry Hopkins - Ebayed it just as the fixie index was starting to plummet, also too long.

LOL-build, mixte, fixed/hub geared. Did a beach rd ride on it fixed once. Was hilar.

Surly Cross Check - too long for drop bars (when will I learn!), better as a flat bar
Initial 2x9 cross setup lost to the ages,
Early hubgear build, dyno & fenders years before they were cool.

SSCX setup also lost to the ether,
Then I loaned it to geeeeeeeene for ddcx

Last iteration was best, but then it went to Sydney

EPX 303SL - woah, forgot about this one. Cheap frameset from the mad hippie, parts from the Soren Son, no complete photo.

Somewhere around here I tried to build a shitter, bought an Apollo hybrid (700C, cantis, semi horizontals), built a NOS Torpedo Duomatic into a wheel and set it up as a flatbar. Rode it in the 2009 Roobaix IIRC (when LAM broke his arm?) SO BAD. Donated the frame, sold the wheel.

Felt F55 - fun fact, this belonged to Horatio! I don’t seem to have a photo of it built.

Orange // Silver mystery- Old, rough, cool paint.

Arrow by Kerry Hopkins - Really nice 753 frame, but too whippy for townieing, especially with that basket way up there.

Voodoo Wazoo SSCX - crashed it into a river, flew it all over Australia, sold it to -tim, then it was stolen. Vale Voodoo.

Salsa La Raza 650B - An experiment that worked, but surplus to needs over time.

GT Edge - This rode super nicely, great frame.

Chromed mystery frame - Nice, but surplus, sold to JohnLLL, then it was stolen.

To end, something I found while trawling flickr.

2k7, the summer of fixie. Got myself a sw8 Repco Superlite and did a sw8 conversion. Oh the shame…

Then moved on to some amazing old track frame I bought off user Manbau (what ever happened to him?). This saw various incarnations with rizors and drops, until I got taken out by a ute. Still have it, and still think about getting the top and downtubes replaced and restoring it…

Then I got the sw8est fixxie of them all: the kenevans pursuit.

Soon after I got this Sakae Litage which I might eventually restore someday. I’ve got a full Suntour Sprint group for it.

Then I got a Hillbrick track bike, which I still have, and love.

These days I’m all about roadies and super commuters…
My Surly Crosscheck which I sold to my brother-in-law:

My Cannondale with Veloce that the same bro-in-law is now using:

My current supercommuter, a KHS 300 with Shimergo goodness (This shot was pre-Shimergo and Dynamo lighting):

My sweet custom Primate: have changed the guards, wheels, tyres, and saddle but still pretty much looks the same:

And last but not least, being a dad brings the biggest evolution of them all:

And one from the archives: Blakey in the hurt locker, Illawarra CX, August 2010.

There’s bikes I’ve missed, but this gives a general overview…

And… go!

Powdah’s succession of giant aussie track frames, Jase’s string of cannondales, the elusive member who’s been riding the same bike since 2004, never wavering, bikes touched by Erle…

Fuck that pic of me…

I didn’t even remember taking it.

Here’s one of Nik I do remember, look, he’s bleeding from the cx race… no wait, he cut himself opening the GB


I still own all but four bikes I have had since I’ve been in Melbourne,

My old SS MTB Voodoo Wazoo, bought for $135! shouldn’t have sold it. -no Pic

24" BMX cruiser - no pic

My ‘bianchi’ tourer - now Rolly’s . Toured on in, raced DDCX, rode yarra trails, good bike.

and my short lived Saracen MTB tourer

which a friend of a friends of Erle’s bought.
the best bit was the mud flaps matched the frame colour.

Not all bikes, but the one’s I had pictures readily available for.

Pogliaghi track - pretty sure Basso built, not Sante built. Same batch as kiwi-cyclists nice old restoration a few years back. Previous owner had powdercoated it. I sold it to Trigger, who sold it on to Frekl maybe. It’s now done the rounds and was last seen on ebay or gumtree with misspelt “Poglighi” decals (I actually still have a set of cylomondo decals I never got around to using, oh well).

SE Draft commuter. Got the frame here, and I think moved it on here too. Was my first fendered commuter.

KHS Flite commuter. Still going strong. Logos now stickered over. Some chrome forks from Abbotsford cycles cause I crashed drunk and bent the KHS forks. New pedals cause SPD is way better. Different saddle cause the Regal is actually uncomfortable.

KHS in Baby hauling mode:

China carbon roadie. Also still going strong. Only the handlebars have changed.

Voodoo Nakisi frankenbike. Got this off Larfinboy. Recently got some 2.1" slicks for it and added a front rack. Rode it with the front loaded, baby seat on back, and the 2.4" MTB tyres the other night - feels like a tank. Great fun.

I should also put some of my wife’s bikes up here, but don’t have any photos on hand. You can see her Voodoo in the background of the last photo.

Great thread idea, i love it!

My first bike was so bad, i dont have a pic of it on the net somewhere thankfully.

Think conversion, stripped frame, quando wheels, badly angled bullhorns. It was great.

Then, realised i had a shit bike, so bought and built up a Visp - first iteration:

Then this beast for Ms HLC

The visp again

Then i built this hilarious bike

Which went through a variety of builds,

Built another bike for Ms HLC (has a black saddle now)

Built a bike for my Dad

Bought a roadie for me

Bought another trackie

Green one got run over

rebuilt the visp

Built an NJS bike

Rebuilt the Roadie with new group

Built the pink trackie

Sold the pink trackie, and built this Hillman

Then got rid of both Hillmans, and built this Ciocc

Won this at a charity auction

Bought this for $30

Bought/Built a hipster sled

Repainted the $30 bike

Moved interstate. Found some east coast gold, and built this

Lastly, updated - and now cracked - the Ciocc.

Some great collections here! Here are some of mine:

De Rosa Vision (my first ‘serious’ road bike):

… now a single speed:

This fucking abomination:

… which was always destined for greatness …

Hit a raised water inspection point on Vulture St at ~50km/h and the fork and front wheel asploded.

Mrs Ant’s Mixte:

Healing and Corex track bikes (Nagasawa lugs):

Corex later became (and still is) the daily commuter:

Healing now sits on a wall (most of the time):

De Rosa Endurance Road Bike:

De Rosa 1984 Sammontana Pista:

Miss Ant’s first bike:


De Rosa CX (which is currently sitting in a box in my front room having only arrived today!):

here goes (posting for your LOLZ they are almost all total shit):

L to R: commuter hybrid, used to fred it up in teh commuter cup on the MYT/gardeners creek under the monash freeway on this (set up for MrsFROG in the pic after i went fixed) some years later i left it in the skip at work and a machinist took it out and fitted it with a chainsaw engine (blakey has pics will try to find) SW8 fiquezh with a colourway OMGZ, hideous MTB craptraption running SS i think, DH/AM bike ~17kg reinforcements welded on all over, TT bike (yes i hate myself and want to die), 24" BMX and various destroyed full squish frames intended to be ratted for parts to make a WOODEN frame.

SW8 fiquzay with Spinergy (only rode it the once cos scary noises and semiglued tub)
traded spinergys for Werkhoven:

found crack in seat tube, brazed it up

took it to adelaide for work twice, did plenty of 150k + ride on it, fitted NEXUS 8 for a bit, cracked again got a repco superlite from a guy with a metallographic microscope built into a desk and a backyard full of bikes

rode it for a bit but stem was stuck

got T(W)REK off erle for 25 gluten free vegan muffins (finders fee of muffins also to Blakey) its a ~'83 460 or 560 model. note this was the first bike i owned that was actually big enough doesn’t have like 300mm of seatpost showing

ran it fixed whith werkhovens wheels, then fixed with dyno then NEXUS 8 with dyno and guards (getting beardier) brazed up a crack and added alight mount to the fork
2012 The T(W)REK makin 700c look like 650b:

Rode this out to leongatha with NEXUS was much better than riding the Werkhoven out there fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

bought a pomp (the tallest evah)

bought a MAX frame with a crack, sold fork to dubrat frame to brakefree

Bought a Gitane interclubfrom darrens no guts no glory auctions to do up.

did it up rode it to the SNS and donated it to charity cos i had:

bought a bundy road full of rust, applied #prollymeatpiemotherfuckersticker

Bought aVan Tuyl roadie frame (sold bundy frame) put most of the parts from the bundy on it, 7 speed shimergo

Bought a MIyata 1000 put 27" wheels, built 700c wheels went nomad 45’s exerianced beardo phat tyre enlightenment even better than the fixed werkhoven and nexus T(W)REK to ride out to leongatha (my bro lives there hence riding out there)

bought a Maji for commuting (and bike tag):

got my old MTB from '97 back off my dad, added drops, was mercilessly pilloried by FOA :stuck_out_tongue:

also have a folder with NEXUS 8 that Mrs FROG mostly uses and a 3sp SA with north road bars also for Mrs FROG

TLDR take home message: the first bike i posted on FOA was kinda wonky and so was the last and most of teh ones in between look pretty shit, still i’ve had some fun along the way

Good thread and thread title. One of my favourite music videos.


will do my evolution when I get home from work, baby.

All my pics are actual photographs in storage except for this recent sw8 fixie stuff.

My first bike though was a 1981 Mongoose Supergoose, exactly like this one:

Began with a repco traveller re-furb, suicide hub and all


Some path racer build, which incidently I got a call from the grand nephew of the builder like 3 years later after I sold…crazy

Found a half decent road frame that was wayyy too big, had no idea at the time obviously

My Swansea 5 swan vintage track that I ruined

Another vintage roadie conversion

Another update of my main fixay

Raleigh mixte i built for the wife which was too big, first glitter paint DIY

A Reynolds 531 comp Peugeot

First track frame which was believed to be a ‘mcbain’, this was actually the v2 paint job, cant find pics of my version 1 black with rainbow glitter

First cannondale SS build which I flogged, sold the campy group to gene

My bianchi with full gipiemme/simplex

My basso loto with 10spd gipiemme /simplex from the bianchi

A columbus air Olmo leader frame which I regret selling

Another McBain from Tassie

DIY kuwahara porteur

Unknown columbus/Reynolds frame

A few iterations of the mcbain resprayed

Paganini with Campy Record

GT fixay I flogged

And the cannondales

Kiddy carrier

Rebuilt with veloce

A smaller SS

Minty build with full force


And the current commuter

Ive left out the carbons, ie china, bmc pro machines x 2 and my current team machine

^you are an absolute crack up Jase.