happy friday.

Stunning Vintage Photos of Australian Bike Culture in the Early 1900s | Brain Pickings

Reggie has crazyeyes.

I’m going to name my Poler Bear Billie now.

Rawland rSogn loaded

Great pics.

Reggie “Iron Man” McNamara could have done with a bit of nip 'n tuck of those ears for some marginal gains.

I like this one. Eleventy-billion/13 and a look that says ‘ain’t no thang’

that front wheel is filthy! imagine chasing a motorbike around on shitty roads at a pace fast enough to render that gearing necessary…

This photo is so rad. The more you study it and think about it, the better it gets :

Thanks Brendan!

whats going on with ‘reggies’ backwards fork above?


it’s a stayer’s bike (or steher, from the german, stayer). fork is like that to allow them to get closer to the derny.

Great photos, thanks for the link.

I really like some of Sam Hood’s cycling photos. have a look at some more here: State Library of NSW Search - Manuscripts, Oral History, and Pictures Catalogue

with a gear that big he must be from perth.

fuckin loled for realz.

any of you guys ridden in perth before?

och, aye, ah hae spent many a mild summer’s forenicht ambling along th banks o’ the fair river tay.


Hurry up and do another Friday thread xBBx. I’m bored.

i got nothin.

everything is annoying today.

Carlton draught is now vegan friendly.

doesn’t help.

the “perth - big gear” deal never gets old for you does it?

Bamboo Lefty - Imgur

Bamboo belt drive with lefty and fatties…?