Hate On Industrial Designers'/Philippe Starck Thread

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^ This. I seriously hate Philippe Starck.

‘Bicycle of the future’? I don’t think I want to live in the future.

Oh man. 30 seconds on that site and I already have a deep-founded hatred of the man.

This is ridiculous - Quotes

Spokes? Pffft…everyone knows the bike of the future won’t have spokes.

If it performs anything like his juicer there will be bodies everywhere.

My hatred for Philippe Starck is only matched by the feeling of overratedness i get from Marc Newson

Marc Newson Ltd

Not to mention his ‘functional and practical’ wind turbine; double the price and a quarter as efficient.

…and uglier.

philippe starck is one of the most overrated pieces of shit on this planet.
$400 for a blow-mould plastic garden gnome???
and you consider yourself a designer? he’s a brand, not a designer.

i will also second mercury’s assertion that marc newson is possibly the most egomaniacal, self important arsehole in the design field. if you could draw a diagram of how far up his own arse his head is it would be an infinite spiral

I thought I saw one of these bikes in iTrip iSkip on Lonsdale Street in Braddon. A lot of money for a heavy, plastic bike.

Its in Unit, next door. Has been there for about 7 years now unsold

although he’s at least waaaaay ahead of the pack when it comes to every other douchebag ind.designers’ bike of the future in that his has racks and mudguards (and ‘traditional’ wheels)

Unit is still there? That place has got to have the most amazing cross section of unsold industrial-design-wank available today.

It will make for an kick arse archaeological dig one day.

Yep, complete with constant domestic disputes and crappy customer service.

Damn, so much hate!

If you consider the guy is French, you can start to forgive his pretentious nature. If you listen to him speak he’s actually a smart guy.

But he got rich… or daddy is rich or something. He (Unit concepts guy) is in the process of having the plans for his apartments for across the road of his shop approved. It’s going to be something special.

He almost ran me down in his BMW coupe thing the other day

You make me very proud when you let rip like that.

More please. At least once a day … start a thread and call it Jam’s Rants.
I’ll be a book one day (or an iPad app).

he speaks surprisingly terrible english which i found odd. maybe that’s how he operates in the (english) western world. ppl just assume he’s a genius because he’s too busy “imagining” and “creating” and “stealing his minions’ ideas and putting his name on it” to bother with actual things like language…

ps, his website is in Myriad Pro. now that’s a shitty typeface!

thanks, i try :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha I have a few Starck pieces at home. His older stuff was much better than his new stuff. I agree with the comments that he has become a brand.

Marc Newson is the same, but I actually cannot stand that guy or his work. Except for the little plane food trays he did for qantas. With all the travelling I do I appreciate them :slight_smile:

At least this bike has hubs. First ID in a while to design one with them.

marc newson overrates you? how unfortunate for both you and marc

its a lot of wank, but you can easily argue the artistic nature of their works are equal to, if not exceeding in some cases, the practicality of the objects (their bikes included) but i’m not reading a whole lot of criticism on all the other design objects they have been involved in, and it is unfair and short sighted to simply write someone off entirely because based on the one shred of common ground you share with them, you think you could do it better. maybe you can, so go and do it, i can gurantee it’ll be no skin off a starc/newson nose.

edit: you guessed it, i studied industrial design too

says the industrial designer, and the guy who comes last in alleycats

It will always be an us vs. them situation.