Hate On Industrial Designers'/Philippe Starck Thread

I think it’s more tackling problems that don’t need tackling, like his stupid boot-drawer which has always bugged me:

Also Starck’s juicer which I mentioned earlier. I tried to use one back when I was studying Industrial Design and it was a horrible nightmare. Does not juice.

That being said, I do apreciate a nice piece of aesthetic design, even when it exceeds the practicle nature of the object. Marc newsons Lockhead lounge wasn’t a bad piece of work. I guess I just don’t dig on his style enough to see past the wank.

And he seems to have made a career out of his fantasy wank. I don’t know if it’s really helping to tackle the issues that I.D. really could.

Don’t worry mate, I’m just jelly.

really? to me it just looks like something that belongs in a time capsule for shitty 90s design. it belongs on the set of The Afternoon Show hosted by Michael Tunn on ABC TV. or maybe Vidiot

Really? I use mine all the time with a 100% success rate. Note; it is made for lemons, not oranges.

There is a movie that climaxes with someone getting stabbed by one.

There was also a gold one that could not be used with food.

I think my general hate towards this is that it differs from ‘architectural’ design.

Its not clean, crisp; but colorful, uselessly curved and appealing to such a small, western consumerist niche market that I can’t do anything but hate it.

Is this encouraged when doing a course in Industrial Design? Or do you just drop ‘ergonomic’, ‘anthropometric’ and ‘sustainable’ en-masse for 3 years without actually knowing the definition.

Oh man I miss that show! I like that lounge. I would never want it in my house, but I think it was a reasonably important piece of design for '86 or whenever it was designed.

P!N20 I think I was maybe doing it wrong.

At some schools maybe. I know we had some staff that would have pretty quickly pulled you up on trying to bullshit your way around those terms.

I think in general it’s a pretty thoroughly taught course. Maybe it should be two degrees like architecture.

Sounds a lot like my ID degree, so yeah, on the money.

I hear ‘resilient’ is the new buzz word.

bike looks shit, prob on drugs.


another +1 for general hate towards Newson and Starck.

Designer + Bike = Shit

Case in point: Dezeen

And I think I’m gonna be sick:


reminds me of this

Further hate on ID’s

(yeah, yeah, yeah fuck you; this was one of my HSC majors a few years ago)

wait,you built that?
holy fuck, an industrial design neobike that made it past the render stage! you win the prize!

Hand in your ID card, should only be possible to build out of unobtanium…

Okay, I feel I need to defend Marc Newson because he has done some really cool stuff over the years. And to say he is strictly an industrial designer is not really accurate since he has branched out into interior design. Sure, the guy has done some superficial work, but mostly there is a depth and intelligence to his designs. A few of my favourites:

Qantas Lounge

Black Hole table

Lever House Restaurant

Ikepod watches

On the subject of Stark’s ‘Juicy Salif’, you’re missing the point by saying it doesn’t juice. The juicer, albeit mass produced is more of an art piece than something you purchase for function. It’s post-modern design maaan.

Marc Newson is why designers get the wanker tag.

Really? I quite enjoyed that video (thanks for the link btw). How is it any different from any other architect/artist/designer speaking about their work? Design by definition involves a degree of ‘wank’ if you will or self indulgence.

I suppose you’d find Jean Michel Basquiat a wanker too? :slight_smile:

Or Zaha Hadid?

The real elephant in the room in this discussion has been to ignore Ross Lovegrove, the king of ‘wank’:

Having said that, the guy backs it up with some amazing design.

The JAMS reviews Marc Newson’s ‘design’

  1. Retrofuturistic nonsense. Zero vision, zero originality.
  2. Ugly, boring, pointless details, again with the three-legged nonsense?
  3. More retrofuturism, looks like the interior of Scooby-Doo’s Winnebago.
  4. Wow, watches. Is there anything going on with these that Rolex/TagHeuer/everyone else didn’t do decades earlier?

You sound like this guy JAMS: