Have I cracked my bike?

So I’m currently riding around Europe hashtag dublintoistanbulbybike. My bike was damaged in transit from Sydney to Dublin (picture 1). Anyway, I’ve been riding it (~1800km fully loaded, mixed roads) until I noticed some cracks radiating from the original puncture. I’ve sanded it down and it down (picture 2) and I’m kinda sureish it was just the powdercoat cracking and not the metal.

Can I get a some opinions on it, please?



I think it looks OK, tubing on those LHTs has gotta be pretty thick and it’s not near any joins or braze ons.

Guess the issue is once your into eastern Europe a replacement is very hard to get…

I’d just ride it and keep an eye on it.

How many more miles do you need to do on it?

Reckon I’d just keep going and have a good time

Whack a rivnut in it, plus if it fails it will surely add to the trip,
It’s the trips that plans fail bad that turn great.

My inexpert opinion says yolo. Looks fine.

My thoughts are the same as yours MikeD. Low stress area and it it does fail I’m not going to be losing any skin because of it.

Considering I’m London I’m probably due for another 4000-5000 km’s.

If it breaks I reckon you could find some person with a mig welder that could patch it up for you easy enough

agreed - reckon you’re good. those powdercoat/paint cracks can be alarming when first spotted but from pics looks OK after sanding.

The damage is mostly rounded and it’s in a spot which is unlikely to cause any major issues if it pops.

Go forth, enjoy, keep an eye on it.

If you come across a framebuilder get them to silver braze a patch over it

insurance? get a new bike whilst in london?

You could try Condor while you’re in London.