Hawaii Recommendations

Combination of cheap flights and a 2 week window of opportunity, so anyone recommend anything in Hawaii to do, see, eat, stay or shop?

The first day of my new job was in Hawaii. I wasn’t there for long, and had a total of 8 hours to explore by myself (staying in Waikīkī, lol). There’s heaps of good (road) cycling/running near by, though! It doesn’t take long to escape the touristy AF areas. I can give specific examples if you are going to be spending time in Honolulu

Two suggestions:

  • Avoid Waikīkī, obvs
  • Lucky Belly in Downtown Honolulu had some A+ ramen

I remember that @kellyburger on Instagram was in Hawaii the same time I was, and his photos look awesome - defs check out!

no recommendations for me, but i expect a few pairs of kicks at the least


I want to do this next time I’m there:




Climb diamondhead (see strava), gate opens at 6am, costs $1 on foot. With a 3 1/2yr old we did the aquarium, the zoo, the beach and shopping

Diamond head is only 200m high? It looks so massive on Terrace House: Aloha State.

I wish I was coming with you, R-dog

Diamond head and Pearl harbour. Get to the north side of the island at one point too.

I’m a surfer so I did a road trip to Sandy beach, sunset, pipe and Waimea bay then went down to Alamoana bowls,
It was great but a pretty short trip as it was a stop over on the way to Canada.

Start of June.

Of course!

Rhino I don’t think I’ve met you but as a fellow FOA peep I am moving to honolulu with my wife and 2 dogs in a weeks time. hit me up if you wanna catch up. ill have a couple bikes if you have the inclination to get out for a pedal.