Looking for a new pair of headphones for work, to be used with my iPod.

What do you guys recommend?/are using?

Prefer something closed and full cups, no in ear, plugs, or canal. but happy to be enlightened!

Im currently using some sennheiser PX200s, have some HD215s at home for when the missus wants to sleep and i wanna watch some Tv.

Budget, 100-150? happy to buy overseas etc.

watcha got!

i currently use urban ear plattans, used to use wesc oboes. both were pretty average, looked pretty though
if you want good headphones, it will depend if you dj/produce, or are just an audiophile
go the industry standard, sennheiser hd25s, they’ll last you yonks (you can even get replacement parts for them)

yeh the 25s are little over budget, and i wouldnt call myself a full audiophile, but i do appreciate decent sound.

I was looking at the koss portapros, or grado sr80s / allesandro MS-1

I prefer my canal ones for passive noise reduction. Sennheiser cx-II’s? Not really that ovbsessed with sound quality though so cant recommend any others.

Skill candy TI seem to go alright…

Sennhiser are really good, Mum has had them for years and they have worked a treat. Don’t buy K-Mart / Target / Aldi cheap ones, they don’t compare. So far I’ve used the general Apple In-Ear ones and I wouldn’t change. Dad also uses Sennhiser Noise Issolation In-Ear ones and he’s pretty happy. He didn’t even have to pay for them because of a mix-up at JB, Nice!

i’m on some Zumreed headphones that i got from the states. couldn’t want better ones!

grado sr60’s. available from audiophile on bruns st melbss for $99 a pop. Amazing sound. check the reviews.
Grado SR60i headphones | Stereophile.com
open back so everyone can hear you sick beats on the bus!

I have both exact same pairs. Twinsies!

From the other responses, it seems that not many people have actually read your requirements…

I know bose (used to?) make some nice folding ones that fit all your parameters. Don’t know model number or anything, so I’m really no help.

what sort of work?? do you need to be able to hear stuff that’s happening around you (phones, directors yelling at you) or do you want to completely cut yourself off from the surrounds…

i originally bought Sennheiser HD 465 around 6 yrs ago. still going strong, but i got sick of the carpet feeling against my ears, and bought some HD 280 PRO. the 465’s don’t cut out the surrounding noise anywhere near as much as the 280’s, i can’t hear my phone with the 280’s, even if they’re on very low and the phone is at full noise.

for escape-ism go some full cushioned cups, else get the carpet lined ones that press against the ear.

bang for buck, quality and longevity it’s hard to pass up the senn’s


I’ve been pretty happy with my AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-ANC7 NOISE CANCELLING but thats mostly for flying.

Those Grado look pretty good, I might have to give them a shot for work

I’ve got a pair of porta-pro’s that have lasted me for 3 years, though i’ve replaced the foam once sound seems ok, they’re very durable but are wearing out now. the sliding mechanism can get stuck in hair, which is a little annoying when you pull them off. cn’t comment onsoundquality because i don’t have an ear for it, but the general consensus seems to be they’re pretty good. available on ebay for around $50 iirc.

(i was just trying out a set of $8 kanen buds i bought off deal extreme on the bike ride home, they actually work the best while riding of anything i’ve owned so far.)


Office job, cubicle (not the toilet variety), dont really need to hear other people or phones though (they can email if they really need me)

im a fanboy of senns as well, but ive been wanting an excuse to try grados/alessandros , and even the portapros. Want to try something different from Sennheiser. Having said that, im Senn 215s are getting kind of old so might replace that with another nice Senn

cheers so far boys

So after a few days of research, i was ready to pull the trigger on one of the following

Koss Portapros - $50 (ebay)

Alessandro MS-1 or Audio Technica ES7 - $150 from headphonics here in perth

Was really tossin up between these two, as they were in my budget, equal reviews, cept one is closed, the other is open.

Then i walked into the Apple store across the road from my work, just to see what they had. On display were these beauties.

Bowers and Wilkins P5, these bad boys were LUSH! …price tag? $500! fukk me. they were comofrtable as though, leather and metal materials, no plasticky shit.

So after going home and crying to the wife, i re-evaluated. Used my sennheisers again, they are 212 Pro not 215 as i first said (sorry HM, no longer twinsies), nothing wrong with them.

Currently using my Px200s at work, again, nothing wrong with em. I just felt like upgrading after owning both for about 4 years now.

But a $500 pair of cans?..sheeet.

Someone please buy me dura ace wheels and olmo!!!

i can personally recommend the koss porta-pros
it’s odd, but it works
excellent quality to price ratio
i think they even have a lifetime warranty on them (well, at least they did)

pretty sure that koss ksc75 is the same drivers as the porta-pros but in an ear clip style rather than the retro headband, if you prefer. also cheaper.

i also wear headphones most of the day at work, and find that earbuds are more comfortable for long periods. i don’t use canalphones because i need to be able to hear phones ringing and stuff. if you want to go for earbuds, Yuin Pk3 off headphonic for 50 bucks are fantastic. no complaints about mine.

also the forums on headphonic are very good for recommendations. definitely worth a read.

I have some HiFiMan RE0’s

they’re amazing.

Yeh, we cool. I checked mine and they’re 465s, so I guess I fucked up.

Edit: I mean we both fucked up.

I had a pair of porta-pros in uni, they’re great. I treated them like crap and they still kept going strong. the fact that they fold up and come with a neat little bag is really handy. Koss offer a lifetime warranty on them if you purchase them through an approved distributor (ie not eBay) and keep the receipt – I did the former but lost the latter.

keep in mind that PMPs have piddly output so there’s no point in getting anything too expensive as you’ll most likely need a headphone amp.

I got a set of these two weeks ago. Really good.