Heavymetal's commuter bike manifesto

As stated above, post those bikes here.

I’ll kick it off:

My 2008 Cross-Check, misty mountain grey. Shimano LX Deore 3x9, bar end shifters. Tektro levers and cantis, Koolstop pads. Salsa Bell Lap bars. Brooks B17. SKS Chromoplastic mudguards. Mavic A719s on LX hubs, Rando Hypers 32x700. Velo Orange front rack and bag. Generic stem and seatpost.
Commute is 65km return, everything I need fits in the handlebar bag. Rides real nice.

another surly poo-check. commute will be 34km daily, nearly overkill, buit i have lots of shit to carry. currently being used as a beer monster.

105 grouppo, hypercolour shit everywhere. dt370/champion/tk540 rims. cantis. some rack. thomson stem/seat post and 3t handlebars.

brooks + ortlieb are on order.

No idea what the frame is. 65 inches fixed. Nitto North Roads, obligatory Brooks and saddle bag, Wald basket, Tubus Fly rack, SKS mudguards to keep my dry. Upright position keeps me happy.

Does all sorts of commutes and errands.

I’m going to be all over this thread!

Arrow / Wald basket Picnic (gone to QLD)
Arrow Porteur three quarter by ah_blake, on Flickr

GT Tachyon 650B “Travesty” / Tubus front loaded touring
Fungus by ah_blake, on Flickr

Salsa La Raza 650B randonneur (WIP)
Salsa La Raza 650B Conversion by ah_blake, on Flickr

Co-Motion Nexus hubgear / Tubus front loaded ultralight self supported touring (now SS)
The Sea Ranch CA. by ah_blake, on Flickr

Surly Cross Check Nexus hubgear Topeak rear loaded touring / commuter (now geared CX)
Tasmanian Cycling Tour 2008 by ah_blake, on Flickr

Velo Orange Polyvalent Porteur (test bike)
VO Polyvalent grey wall dog stencil by ah_blake, on Flickr

Haha the rack and pannier nitting circle takes form!

Pics or ban, homeboy. Racks on the Perkins or GTFO.

Wet weather commuter (commute ia 25-28km return): 1991 Bianchi Ibex - SSed, with various crap parts:


Anyway, it’s not about the bikes … it’s about being able to ride out of town, on quiet roads and have a “vacation” by using just a bike. Also beats getting squashed into the gutter by a 380 bus.


A shopping basket for the coppi is somthing I’d like…


I’ve got one for you … Blossom Basket

Takes 2 seconds to put on the bike and you can take it inside Kemeny’s with you. Fits a 6 pack of Stella and all the ingredients for that nights dinner. Or 3 x 6 packs and a kebab :wink:

Roads like this (We saw perhaps 6 cars in 30km, one stopped to tell us we were great and there were scones & jam at the top):

Tarra Bulga State Park by ah_blake, on Flickr

Climbing in Tarra Bulga State Park by ah_blake, on Flickr

oh hang on, did i read the thread title wrong?

I didn’t know Amon Amarth were into bike touring…

Willis, what you talkin’ 'bout???

We’re not leaving the chicks out … Handmade beards - Boing Boing

Lo an I’s touring set up here.

Lo on an old Rocky Mountain frame with 950/952 XTR, and me on the Surly.

They worked well for the trip that we did, but I’ll set things up differently next time.

Jeebus … you must be quite tall.

In any case good to see I’m not the only one riding behind his Mrs. I don’t have a choice … Mrs. Spirito usually rides way ahead of me. By default she stops at the top of every hill and waits for me (and my excuses) :wink:

i expected way more photos of beards in this thread for some reason…

Nah, that’d be a post your 'Bent pics thread surely.

just a matter of time…